Dan Deacon

Let’s give Dan his own thread because he really deserves one and has just released a new and interesting (soundtrack) album.

First got into the guy after listening to Spiderman Of The Rings. Great album that had so many fundamental elements that just shouldn’t work together but did. Then saw him live and absolutely loved how he’d overcome the difficulty in playing live as a solo electronic artist into something that was an incredible experience all round. I was so disappointed that he never released Silence Like The Wind Overtakes Me was just the best song live, unapologetic euphoria.

I remember his photo used to come up on Look At This Fucking Hipster and sites of that ilk for a while which though disappointing was hardly surprising considering how ridiculously he used to dress. I just loved the fact that he did not seem to give one shit about how he was being perceived or reacted to and just did whatever he felt like doing regardless. I loved the whole idea of Wham City with yer funny dancing man et al in Baltimore making this ridiculous music inside this bubble.

I gave a little listen to his earlier albums, but they were mostly unlistenable and could only loosely be described as songs, more like a bunch of ideas. That Drinking Out Of Cups going viral was a bit weird with its shit video made by Liam Lynch, but there weren’t many other highlights.

He then went and started to ‘grow up’ with Bromst, introducing multiple live drummers to his live-show while keeping the core interactive parts in there. I’ll admit I was a bit sceptical at first, because the new Dan jarred a bit with the absolutely ludicrous person he was before, and each time I saw him live, those things he did to get the crowd to interact had become more like tropes that got in the way of this wall of sound he was now building.

America was massively ambitious with the catchier songs up front so as not to upset those who just wanted the Dan of old, but with that four part USA piece at the end being one of the best things he’s done in my opinion, and showing that there was a hell of a lot more to him as his music became more orchestral and, well, massive.

I found Gliss Riffer a bit of a disappointment at first, as it seemed to be a step backward in the ambition of what came before, sounding a bit like he was retreading some of his older ideas with his more intricate instrumentation. Saying that though, listening back, it was a damn good collection of songs and with SOTR starting to sound dated, it’s probably the album I put on most nowadays alongside Bromst.

I never heard the soundtrack to Twixt he did with Francis Ford Coppola, but enjoyed his chat about it. The episodes of Improv 4 Humans he’s been on are some of the only ones I’ve enjoyed of that show too. All round seems like a great person.

Anyway, first listen through on the new album sounds great and now there’s a Dan Deacon thread.

really wanna see him live

I’ve also enjoyed his stuff since Spiderman of the Rings. The new stuff sounds good from what I’ve heard so far.

America is a genuine classic, and Gliss Riffer certainly has its moments. Need to check out the earlier stuff.

His set at Primavera 2015 was excellent, the live drummer certainly had a workout that show

Was gutted I left that Primavera set about 2/3 of the way in to go see Shellac because someone told me they were the best live band they’d ever seen. I mean they were good, but should never have left Dan Deacon, that show was so much fun.

America is absolutely stunning. That’s my favourite album.

Oooft, bad friend! Pretty sure he played all the movements of the second half of America towards the end, was fabulous!

Fuck off, he did not! :cry:

Seems like no-one recorded the gig in setlist.fm :unamused: I could be wrong - I’d had quite a few heinekens by that point. He definitely played at least 2-3 of them. Maybe someone else who was there remembers?

Aw maaaaaaaaan! This is truly gutting.

Shellac play like twice every year m7, you got mugged off. Brilliant live band anyway though.

As for DD, seems very much of his time. Was definitely on board for Spiderman and Bromst, but can’t see myself ever going back to them, or checking out his newer stuff. Would go to the live show again though, think those are his resounding legacy. Joyous stuff

Think your mate owes you quite a few pints

I know. TBF they play Prima every year and hadn’t played Scotland in quite a while IIRC. Remember thinking maybe I wouldn’t get the chance to go back and this could be a rare chance to catch them.

I mean they were still good but learning DD played tracks off America at the end of what was already a really fun set has genuinely put me in a downer this morning.

Ah shit man, sorry, I didn’t mean to ruin your morning :frowning:

Have I ruined the Dan Deacon celebration thread? Sorry Dan! Everybody out

Nah not at all dude. Mad at myself. And to cheer myself up I can just go and listen to some Dan Deacon :smiley:

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Bromst > America >> everything else

Bromst is amazing.

This video of the making of Bromst is a really nice watch - Dan Deacon - Bromst - In The Studio - YouTube

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Couldn’t agree with this ^ more to be honest. The USA piece is a glorious triumph! It’s probably his album I return to the most. The new soundtrack really has some wonderful moments too.


See his Time Trial soundtrack is getting a limited physical release. 300 copies.


Quite enjoyed the film and soundtrack so I’ve bagged a copy.

Loved that whole Baltimore scene at the time. Think Ponytail were my absolute favs from it.

Very hot and cold on DD tho. Saw him live solo way back (supporting Gang Gang) and enjoyed it a lot. Bought Spiderman and found it quite annoying. Saw him headline a big show (Future Islands supporting) and it was bad - partly cos the venue was rammed so the Crazy Crowd Antics saw me pushed against a wall, but also the huge band he had didn’t seem to actually add anything and just felt pretty gimmicky.

Quite enjoyed America at the time, stuck it into my Spotify rotation the other week and am really liking it now. May check out some of his other more recent stuff.