Dan Jarvis: Road to PM


Hi guys. Just easier to have our next PM’s news collected I thought. @colinzealuk this will better explain the situation over time I think.

He’s currently putting pressure on the govt to pony up the £600m shortfall that brexit has wrought on Yorkshire, specifically going after Johnson’s promises.

Polling Day DiS exit poll

Also and I don’t think the press has covered this at all yet, he was an army man with battletanks etc


Thanks for this @Xylo. Re: Gibraltar, is Dan Jarvis considered to be the rock or the hard place?


He is actually considered to be hard rock, proving conclusively that not only is rock not dead, it is armyman.



So in fact by being both sides of the coin when it comes to Bexit, Theresa May has been engulfed by armyman, right?



I think that’s what the papers should probably be saying yes



He ruled himself out early during the original Leadership race where Corbyn ran, didn’t he? I thought there was a suggestion that he really didn’t want the job or something?


Yep that was back when his kids were too young and he didn’t want them affected by the media intrusions etc.

See how good a man he is Theo? PM.


what are his legs like?


Also his wife passed away and he thought they’d gone through enough without that kind of scrutiny on top of everything.



The fuck is that image about? :smiley:


it shows strength but also a sense of humour


He’s a good MP for his constituency - they actually kinda like him in Barnsley, and they don’t really like anything there - but I’ve no idea how he’d fare as leader. I get the feeling he’s a bit of an empty suit but he at least seems fundamentally decent.


i feel like the empty suit thing is because he looks like Richard Curtis wrote him, which is unfortunate.

BUT not only does Barnsley like him, it likes him despite him not being from Barnsley. That’s massive.


To be clear, is this thread a huge slab of satire? I can’t tell any more.


He also doesn’t come across as having any sort of ideology or core beliefs in interviews. Though tbf I never got around to reading that 5,000 word essay/manifesto he did in the New Statesman last month.