Dance Dance Revolution

I love a good dance dance revolution. Got great memories of being at ATP and almost missing bands because I wanna get my dance on. Wasn’t very good at it, of course, but still more fun than the fortieth set from Shellac.

Friend of mine in uni had a version with a rollout matt that you could use at home, and it wasn’t bad, but I was worried about breaking it with my Godzilla-like foot stomping ways.

When was the last time you had a pop?

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Don’t know if I’ve ever played that version, but played some in that gaming district in Tokyo that also involved maracas, had a lovely time, some local teens were laughing at us

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Thinly veiled ‘i got laughed at in Tokyo’ post

I’ve been laughed at all around the world pal


I wonder if my sister still has her dance mat.
Might borrow it if she does.