Do you have dandruff?

I can never tell if I have dandruff. I think I did at school, and other kids noticed (and weren’t very nice to me about it). It still causes me paranoia that I’m gross and that I’ll never get laid etc.

Anyone else get this?


And dandruff is unlikely to be the reason people don’t want to sleep with you.

All you have to do is get your head patted by a medieval king, and it will totally clear it up.


Kids are shit aren’t they. They’re also kids and not dandruff experts so I wouldn’t take what they said seriously now.

If you’re looking for it and can’t tell, then you’re completely fine. There’s been a couple of times where I’ve had an absurd amount of it and it turned out I needed some heavy duty pharmacy stuff. If it gets to that point, believe me you will know.

Kid at first school used to call me dandruff as a nickname, years later it dawned on me that maybe that meant I had dandruff

On the topic, head and shoulders shampoo is a bit weird as it so harsh that even if you didn’t have a problem before you would afterwards

used to get a bit of beardruff. it’s not nice.

Head and Shoulders is however great for quickly fading hair dye you don’t like.

Just don’t wear dark tops. School sweaters are always navy blue / black.

Alternatively just go bald. I’m wearing a navy sweater now - not a spot on it.

No no

No no no no

No no no no,

No no, there’s no dandruff

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I used to have it when I was little but then I used Nizoral and it cleared right up.

wow - can you get puberuff do you reckon?

don’t see why not.

guess so?

Oh god, the worst thing though is this club in Edinburgh called the Banshee Labyrinth, it has a blue light/black light in the main room where all the bands play and it makes everyone look like they have the worst dandruff on earth. I spend most of the time brushing my shoulders. It also makes make up glow GREEN as well as teeth etc. I haven’t gone since I got my braces for fear of blinding people with my big green smile.

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Never had it but really don’t think anybody anywhere cares if you’ve got it, in a romantic sense or otherwise.

at least kids will slag you to your face. constantly paranoid I’ve got bad breath or something and everyone is too polite to say anything