Dangerous dogs

Can you accurately define undesirable breeds to the extent to make the ban enforceable? Should you exterminate animals? Does the problem land squarely on the owners? Do you want to see the criteria loosened so the ban takes in ‘acceptable’ dogs with a history of attacks (Staffordshire bull terriers, German shepherds)?

Is it conscionable to do nothing?


Pet ownership should require licenses to better ensure responsibility. Goes for all animals, not just dogs


I’m an animal lover but i do feel something needs to be done about XL bullies (if nothing else, it needs to be a lot harder to be allowed own one). There’s clearly an issue with them and it’s naive to resort to the usual slogans. But then I guess it opens a can of worms as you suggest at the end.

Isn’t this just the “Devil Dogs” panic all over again? Just add these ones to the list.

This thread is going to give me a stroke.

Pit bulls are people’s family members and are inherently good. The problem (as always) is that people are monsters.

Yeah, probably. However, it’s a lot easier to restrict what breeds of dog are available than it is to rely on everyone who owns one to be responsible.

RIP Willie, one of the greatest love bugs of all time


There’s nothing wrong with the dogs though, it’s just discrimination and leads to the murder of sentient, loving beings who just want to be loved and give love.

Such a magical being

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I agree with the first part of your post but this (applied as a blanket statement) is just sentimental, anthromoporphising nonsense.


probably best to let this generation of bully pups die natural deaths, ban imports and leave it at that tbh. no need for animal breeding in the first place any more unless you need them for herding sheep or something, let alone breeding dogs capable of tearing your face off if they fancy.


RIP Kilo, one of the most gentle boys who ever lived

dangerous dog discourse is some of the bammiest discourse you can find online. its like terf level for how all encompassing the worms get


Part of the responsibility is not to own a dangerous type of animal though, and I think that needs bans on certain breeds.

Any dog can be startled and attack someone, even a well trained well behaved one. But some breeds do more damage than others when they do.

I read something recently saying that most cat species are very tameable, so if you raise a tiger or whatever it’ll be friendly to its owner like a normal cat. But then if it decides to scratch or bite like any cat might, it could kill someone. I feel like everyone is on the same page that pet cheetahs are a bad idea, but somehow with dogs we have to have this debate over and over because people just won’t believe that their well trained and well behaved animal is still just an animal


Hey Drowned in Sound, should my family member be murdered based on the shape of their head because some politicians are using prejudice to distract from actual dangers, yes or no

It shouldn’t be possible for regular people to own a dog that genetically comes from a fighting breed and is of the size/power to do so much awful damage to people, often children.

I don’t think it’s overkill to say there is an issue with XL bullies in this country at the moment. A poor young girl was killed by one down the road from us last year


Love dogs but hate pitbulls. They scare me.


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No offense, but that’s a you problem. Innocent dogs shouldn’t be murdered because you’re afraid of them.

When did i say innocent dogs should be murdered you fraud.