Dangerous dogs

They’re good dogs obvs but I could imagine someone wanting something smaller and less constantly needing brushing

Same! Outside a tube station. A proper head turner! Understandable with all the news, but you could see literally everyone passing glancing at it, or remarking to whoever they were with. Can’t have been nice for the owner.

(Well, first since all the news, and knowing what they were called).

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Honestly who decided to call them “XL Bullys”? just really bad branding, instantly makes them sound dangerous… or a kink thing

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think it was this guy

Well I guess it’s a manifesto of sorts…

Isn’t that the idea?

Such sad news about the man who died. It says he was protecting his mother. What a horrific thing to happen :frowning:


Didn’t realise until now that he wasn’t the owner, so fucking tragic that he was just some fella visiting his mum


I’m gonna have to try and get this out my head cos it’s well upsetting

Sorry should have blurted the details

No it’s okay I googled it afterwards as didn’t know any details and wanted to


I still miss my GSD. I could sit for an hour on the doorstep brushing her coat and she would just be so chill and zen, and get grumpy if you stopped too early. You end up with a mad pile of fur :sweat_smile: And we used to go on massive walks around town and she would just melt even big tough guys, they would end up making :pleading_face:eyes at her. she was such a great dog. Ten years gone now :pensive:


Enjoyed this as well


geezo calm down bandana guy!

Edit: Instagram reels don’t post properly on here…


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This is no ways indicative of my perspective on the issue but this picture absolutely killed me



Every single thought I have on this could get me banned/cancelled etc.

think of that Mitski song every time I see this thread title.