Dangerous loads (car/bike/whatever mode of transport)

Inspired by this:

And our faith in @laelfy’s ability to balance a large pizza on her handlebars.

Tell us about times you’ve overloaded your bike / car / other mode of transport to the point of danger / silliness.

Once helped a new housemate transport a wardrobe hanging out of the back of a Ford Fiesta from his old house to ours across the other side of the city. Held in by one rope I think. Unbelievably dodgy but we got there in one piece.

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Did a similar thing once with a 3-seater sofa and a Ford Fiesta. Managed to get it from Peterborough to Cambridge without being stopped by a traffic officer. Was pretty daft in retrospect.

Just heard a report on the radio about a cyclist in Oxford transporting a large pizza by bike…


Once moved a king size mattress between two student flats using a borrowed (“borrowed”) Tesco trolley and some string. It was all downhill, and quite steep.

No-one died.


Once filled the car with an entire chopped up laurel tree to take to the tip. Was later told it was highly poisonous and you shouldn’t be in an enclosed space with it when it’s chopped up :grimacing:

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Heard they’re Hardy trees

(I’m sorry)

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I’m still in work :slightly_frowning_face:, :pizza: will be a long way off

Had to push a trolley with a dead pig in it all the way down chatsworth rd in hackney once. It was one of those little shallow trolleys and I don’t know if you know this but dead pigs are fucking heavy so it kept falling out. Getting it back on the trolley caused a right scene on the high street as you could imagine.


Didn’t know you were mates with David Cameron.

Once drove Andy Peters, Five Star and Giant Haystacks to the Mendips in an astra van.

Would’ve been much easier just to take the head

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Did you intend to spitroast the dead pig?

That is indeed what we did to it.

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Once saw a bloke with a fence panel on the roof of his car, not strapped down or anything, just the driver using his right hand and the passenger using his left hand to secure it.

Occasionally the loaders won’t bar a trailer properly at work, the result is cages of shopping falling off the back of the trailer onto the yard when they get pulled off the bay. Or in one notable incident, all over a Motorway roundabout.


Fucking hell. The passenger must have been gear changing and everything. Team work!

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I transported a fence panel on our car roof once without a roof rack! It was strongly tied down but it was still impossible to do more than about 30mph. I was a daft prick back then.