Danny Baker (not dead)

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Bloody love him myself. His 5 Live show is consistently great, podcast with Lineker is good, autobiographies are fantastic too. Pretty good value on Twitter as well. Any thoughts?

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Seems a really nice and good bloke but I’m not a big fan of his output. Something about his delivery just rubs me up a bit wrong. Would be lovely to go for a beer with though I’m sure


Yeah I can see this. It’s an acquired taste for sure. Reckon you’d end up fucking hammered on a night out with him.

Had this as a kid. Was great



Fun fact: About 18 months ago I did the Sausage Sandwich Game on his 5Live show and had a nice chat with Leon Osman about a goal he scored against Plymouth once.


@ynot I’m thinking your vote might be football based?

Dethink to survive


:+1: from me

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Yep he’s pretty vocal of his hatred of Palace and is a bit of a knob about it.

I see that. He’s mentioned on his podcast that he’s like that with all other London clubs and accepts it’s a bit irrational but I get why it would be annoying.

Bit of an unfunny twat


An ex of mine is good buddies with him. My ex is a bit of a douche so I assume his friends to be but then that means I am. So no, that can’t be right!

In conclusion - :woman_shrugging: / thinly veiled I had a boyfriend once


I’m a Palace fan and I still love Danny. Rivalries are rivalries right?

Also, a mate of mine taught one of his kids back in the day and said he was a lovely fella in real life :+1:

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You never say anything positive.


Was at least a year before I read the lyrics and realised he wasn’t yelling ‘TOILET BREAKER’ at the end.

I mean my last two posts before this were saying I like James Acaster and Everybody Knows so not sure thats true

Just find Baker a bit of a rentagob, like Johnny Vaughan or something


You know what was great?
That TV show about him as a kid with Peter Kay as his dad.
Also really like that short series he did on bbc4 where there was a roundtable chat about fave albums of a particular genre each week. I’d love him to do that show on a regular basis on new releases.


That series was based on his first book, which is the least interesting of the 3 I think. The latest one, which deals with his cancer etc is really worth a read.


Jeez didn’t even know he’d had it.
I like him, good character and has a million interesting stories.
As I say I’d love that music show to be on regularly. Great format and chats and there’s nothing else like it on telly. Deep dives on artists or albums would be good.
Plus he was the Daz doorstep man!


He’s alright. He made 606 listenable because he didn’t focus on referees or managers, but niche things about football.

I enjoy his Saturday 5 Live show for a similar reason and I would argue he was a better host of Win Lose or Draw than Bob Mills.

That said, I don’t think he comes out of the mid 90s well, Cool Britannia and all that shit, particularly his connection with Gascoigne and Jimmy five bellies.

In summary, like most people. Some good, some less so.