Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibiton

Very solid album. Everything he does with Paul White is generally gold, glad they stuck together for this one.

Highlights on the first two listens are Ain’t It Funny, Dance in the Water and From The Ground

Got tickets for the Electric Brixton show in November, greatly looking forward to it.

Going to spend some time with it over the weekend (along with a few other releases) but I’ve really liked the singles.

Really like it on first listen. Reminds me more of XXX (which I love very much) than Old (which I don’t like very much).

Another thumbs up here. Sounds like one of the better rap efforts of the year to me

wish people would stop nicking this title

AOTY :raised_hands:

I think Ain’t it Funny might be one of the wildest beats I’ve ever heard.


Haven’t listened to much Danny Brown before other than various features, but picked this up and really enjoying how cool it sounds on first listen

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Had a bit more time with it. This is great, somehow manages to sound exactly like what it offered. That kinda spooky, post punk hellish thing.

Ain’t it funny is fantastic, but love the way its bookended too

seems pretty good; some great beats. I’m not 100% per cent convinced it holds together completely as an album, but I’ve only listened to it once while doing something else and not really paying attention

initial reactions can be quite worthless, eh

Try telling that to 90% of the people on the Bon Iver thread

See, I think there’s few hip hop albums so diverse that hold together so well. It’s mixed in the same lo fi kinda way and nothing sounds out of place. The only track I’d jettison is Get High, everything else is not only great but among the more out-there rap tracks all year.

Even at 45 minutes it feels disorientating and exhausting on every listen and, while it’s well written, I’m feeling that the bars won’t get stuck in your head in the way they did on XXX. It’s still an exceptional and unique album. Couldn’t ask for much more from Danny and I’m happy as hell that he isn’t just remaking side 2 of Old for the rest of his career.

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Love the production, but I just can’t get past his voice. The squeaky one. Like nails on a blackboard for me.

I loved it when he used it less, i think he leans on it too much now. for me

old danny brown > new danny brown.

been re-listening to Hybrid a lot lately actually, the alb where I fell in love w his music. He uses the yelp so sparingly and to much greater affect. Floats in that middle ground a lot more too, unhinged on occasion but mostly controlled. XXX he split it about 50/50, still worked. Love the back half of that.

No surprise my favs on the new one are Tell Me What I Don’t Know and From The Ground. Some of the production on here is great. Get Hi is really fun.

oh yeah From the Ground is great too but hate the other two mentioned in the OP.

Get Hi is a great track, it just sounds out of place

Love the new album, it’s just totally nuts in a good way.

Yeah it does for sure

yeah I’ve changed my mind completely now, think it’s great now. I do agree that his lyrics aren’t quite as memorable this time.

Yup, Tell Me What I Don’t Know definitely stood out for me…