Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibiton

I quite like the squeaky voice, but can totally see why people would find it infuriating, especially when we know he has a much lower register. I don’t think he can convey his manic energy in the same way without the squeaks though.

took me a few listens to get completely on board with this, but man oh man…I’m glad I stuck with it.

it’s no XXX, that’s for sure, but I was sooooo disappointed with Old and then this. wow! great stuff

couple of dud tracks, but all in all, a very solid album

Why the fuck am I just hearing this now?! Fucking loving this record


It’s fucking brilliant!


Controversial but I’d drop Really Doe. Otherwise, still hype as fuck :ok_hand:

Not because it’s bad BTW, just doesn’t really fit the album

It is, have had it on repeat all day.

:grinning: YES Lo-pan!


Seriously wild album - I love it. Paul White take a bow.

Really Doe is my favourite track on the album.

It’s great. Should have been a bonus track or standalone single for me. Sticks out like a sore thumb. A posse cut on an otherwise very personal album