Danny Brown (Rolling) - 'Quaranta' out now!

Atrocity Exhibition easily one of my fav hip hop records of all time, cant wait to see what he has coming up. And this track is great. Love the verse where he hires a stripper so he can get change to do some laundry :smiley:

Fuck a stripper for some change
Actual change
Dimes, Nickles, Pennies
Actual Change

Beat is sick as well, video is well worth a watch too.


I found out he was releasing a new album this week but haven’t got round to hearing this yet.

I’m quite excited.

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Cant wait. xxx and atrocity exhibition are both modern classics imo. Love the beat on this. Sounds like something off donuts.

Dirty Laundry is brilliant. Q Tip’s beat is wild. Get slight Outkast/Organized Noise vibes from it, particularly the backing vocals. Can’t wait to see what they do together. It’s obvious Danny is beyond hyped to be working with him.

Think Q Tip might rein him in a bit, reckon it’ll be a little less experimental than Atrocity Exhibition, a little more grounded in hip hop, less dark too, with some of his hardest bars - he said he had to learn to rap again to meet Tip’s expectations.

Basically, super hyped for this one :raised_hands:t2:

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Only got proper into hip hop in the last two years and have missed Mr Brown before now. Just digging into Atrocity Exhibition and it’s real tasty. Good how it’s kind of dark and ominous but really fun as well

I got round to atrocity exhibition quite late but when i heard it i just thought to myself ‘fuck me this is fucking brilliant’
Really like this new track and delighted that he’s got a new record coming out. :+1:


was listening to nick mason’s fictitious sports recently (as in the pink floyd drummer’s first solo album), written by carla bley and featuring robert wyatt and a load of jazz/art rock schmoes, and one of the tracks sounded awfully familiar. the main sample from ain’t it funny! always weird/interesting to hear samples in their original context

anyway I danny brown is good and I am looking forward to hearing this


I totally want to see a sitcom based off of this music video

I keep forgetting he’s on Warp records

Album out 4th October


I cannot get over that delivery of ‘actual change’. We are lucky to have him.


:raised_hands:t2: been playing this one on tour. Sounds even better here. Another beat produced by Q Tip. Think I marginally prefer Dirty Laundry of the two but both are great.

was blasting some danny brown in the car on the way to work this morn.

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Great fun - I’d say I marginally prefer wild, abrasive post-punk-rap Danny to this - but am totally fine with an album’s worth of contented upbeat bangers.

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Reckon another Atrocity Exhibition would be grating and deliver diminishing returns tbh, and given his range, he’s wise to swerve that sound for the follow up. I’m sure he’ll be back there with fresh ideas sooner or later. Hoping this will be his stab at a classic hip hop record, the kind I’ve wanted him to make since he released “Grown Up”, but with enough left turns to make sure it’s not just a throw back.

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Also Danny Brown seems to be in a much better mind space these days in a way that ill feel another attempt at Atrocity might seem forced


I think I need this T-shirt

PS Vinyl out 22nd November


Good to see a decent amount of Paul White in the production credits:



FlyLo and Thundercat produced one? OH YEAH