Danzig Sings Elvis

Yessirs what the quarantined world needed most, a new Danzig album of 50s Elvis covers

Here’s him singing Peggy Lee’s classic “Fever” that Elvis also went and sang:

Well! It sounds like it’s been recorded in his bathroom but it’s got a certain Lynchian charm hasn’t it? Spooky 50s chic

Oh god

Can easily see a couple of these tunes supplementing a Halloween playlist

That Always on my Mind cover though phewph

That version of Fever sounds like it was recorded by the cramps or something

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Not that anyone really likes modern misfits stuff now, but I’d have much preferred an album of covers recorded horror punk style than Danzig putting on his worst Elvis impression

Yeah that was sort of what I was hoping for, he got it the wrong way around.

Here’s Danzig doing Elvis perfectly. I have no need to go anywhere near that new horror :smiley:

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He had an opportunity to record a load of Elvis songs and make them sound like She Rides but he didn’t take it. I’m with the North Side Kings on this one.

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His next release will be an album of Toploader covers called Danzig In The Moonlight


Yikes. Is Danzig not like in his mid-50s already there :grimacing:

Bloody love the 'zig and this does have a certain charm but it could have been a lot better!

To be honest just furious at anything misfits related these days. From those ludicrous reunion show prices to that new reissue of Walk Among Us just announced on earache for £30+ a pop they’re just taking the piss.

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in more positive danzig ‘news’, mother isn’t missing from the debut on spotify any more


winter warz still missing off ironman though, fucking spotify

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Gotta try harder Glen

Now if we could just get an Elvis impersonator to cover Danzig songs…

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9:29 August 5th 1962, uh huh huh
Found lying on her chest
Her face all turning blue, uh uh
You think it was an overdose
But could it have been a pact
Could it have been the Kennedys uh huh huh
Or the LAPD?

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And if you wanna find hell with me
I can show you what it’s like


Has anyone watch Danzigs horror film yet?

if it’s half as good as the trailer…