Daphne & Celeste / Max Tundra



From Max Tundra’s Facebook page:

I made a technicolo[u]r pop album with Daphne & Celeste and we are ridiculously proud of it - it is called Daphne & Celeste Save The World and you can preorder it on all formats today from http://daphneandceleste.tv - there’s a teaser track named BB which you can listen to here: https://open.spotify.com/album/3d89DJMwnya9a0UFOoTy9q - massive love to you all. xoxoxoxox


The new song sounds pretty good! You & I Alone from 2015 was great too


Stand aside Shaggy & Sting, we’ve got a new contender for least likely collaboration of the year.


Sounds like by numbers Max Tundra


This one’s better


Have listened to this like five times today, it’s great


They’re playing shows too! The first is at Boston Music Room in London on 27 March.


This is out. And it’s great. Really great.