Dare you click on THE EARWORM?


Dare you?



I won’t lie, I love Mike and the Mechanics.


great song. my dad is a massive fan and this song was a big part of my life, brings back memories of being in the car and going on holiday. not very cool but whatev




This is now the Mike + The Mechanics thread


I’ve also just realised that you could easily use the link+spoiler-blur combination for EVIL as well as FOR GOOD. (Please don’t do it, people)


this song makes me cry a little bit


Always get this confused with Crowded House


Oh why not



True story: I used to live next door to Paul Carrack’s son. I spent a slightly bizarre Sunday afternoon chatting to Paul Carrack over the fence about my landlord’s refusal to deal with the Japanese Knotweed at the bottom of the garden.