Darius drinks thames water, goes into coma for a while


fucking hell. one of the weirdest stories of late. Guys i can’t emphasise enough that you should NOT drink water from the Thames


Boy oh boy


It’s good that he didn’t go (colour)blind.


Also, when did he stop being Darius Danesh?


Sip it baby one more




What’s Sneddon up to?


He’s actually a really successful songwriter now, he wrote stuff for Lana Del Rey and loads of others.

(I’m sorry this isn’t a very funny answer but hopefully it is informative).


Don’t really know what I was looking for when I posited the question tbh, thanks mate.



there was a young man called david sneddon
who wanted to be darius when he got out of bedden
So he went to london
And drank from the pond un
now poor sneddon is just a deddun


Where did he travel to London from?




Thank you.


Spoke to him on the phone in my old call centre once. Seemed like a nice lad. Failed security though so no time for much chat. Felt a bit bad failing him when I could recognise his voice.


:smiley: so depressing


What time is it? It’s Puke-o Time!




While I would never let water from The Thames near my mouth, I thought that the river was actually reasonably clean these days? Wikipedia not much help tbh tbf…


this happened 3 years ago or something. Outside of the window for near death experience storytelling (WFNDES)


I shared this story with my boss who reckons him and his street urchin mates used to swim in the Thames all the time as a kid (the tidal Thames as well, not the posh bit above Teddington).