Dark Crystal stars tonight on Netflix!!

Im 46 years old.


I’m 44 years old!

Thoughts so far?

Ooh, didn’t know that it was available from tonight, that’s what I will be watching now then.

Im 41 years old!

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Loved the first episode, the set design and puppetry is outstanding. Built on the dark story of the film (won’t be recommending it for my 6 year old nephew just yet!). Plot-wise it started off a little cliché in how it established the main characters but hopefully that will drop off as the series progresses but overall I am a very happy 38 Yr old with how the new series has started.

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I’m 41 years old and I want to watch this

I’m 27 and will be watching with the family tonight.

Oh my son is 6… It’s this a no go? He watches Ghost busters but is scared of Monster House.

I’d say it’s much darker in tone than ghost busters and the villains are pretty scary looking and there are some early adult themes in it such as character’s have to deal with death and loss straight in the first episode

I am 32 (had to check first though :sweat_smile:)
And will be watching this.

I posted this in the other thread, but if you’re around the Southbank in the next few days, there’s a small, but free, exhibition on at the BFI about it.

saw half of first Ep, bloody ruddy brilliant

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I’m 28 and have never seen the original


We watched it and he was fine with it all. Even the pus which is pretty fucking rank.

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I’m of appropriate age and should enjoy being present while this show is playing.

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I’m 17 and 3/4 and I watched the first two episodes last night.

Loved it!

I kept jumping to imdb to see who did the voices, some of them are unrecognisable (Pegg).

Here’s a fun Dark Crystal related fact: my old boss used to call me Fizzgig as I remind her of him when I got wound up.


I’m 34 and have no particular interest in watching this.

I wouldn’t bother with the original. The Netflix series is outstanding though. I’m on episode 3 and loving it a lot. It feels like a lot of love has gone into this.

Enjoying this very much. Great puppeteering, creatures, sets and backgrounds. Very appropriate theme and story too. Lovely stuff.

I am 857 years old.


Won’t be watching

What’s my age again?

(What’s my age again?)