Dark Mode wankers

  • Yes I use Dark Mode
  • I don’t use Dark Mode
  • I don’t know what Dark Mode is, so inherently my answer is therefore no, in which case why didn’t you just select the ‘I don’t use Dark Mode’ option
  • Please tell me what it is J_I, I have a thirst for knowledge that needs quenching

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*dark mode wankers


Properly shit for cunts isn’t it.


I would use dark mode if it wasn’t fucking navy blue or whatever.

Dark mode of literally everything else is better, dark mode of community.drownedinsound.com is an abomination


Could you explain why you feel this way please Antony?

Dark modes 4 lyf, they don’t hurt my eyes.


Why I feel like the DiS one is crap or why I prefer dark modes generally?

If you can muster the strength I’d appreciate both.

Well, I think the DiS dark mode is crap because it’s based around a dark blue colour scheme as opposed to blacks and greys.

In general I prefer dark mode interface options as I find them easier on the eye and less headache inducing.

I currently use dark mode as my mode of choice for every piece of software I use that gives me the option EXCEPT community.drownedinsound.com

There is an annoying imbalance in the availability of a dark mode in my work software options however.


We prefer the moniker ‘Blue Boarders’.

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yeah, Tone is on the money. the buttons/logo/colour on the DiS darkmode are fucking godawful, but darkmode when done well is lovely.

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someone at work thought it was unusual that i don’t use twitter dark mode as apparently everyone else does.

twitter dark mode is shite and looks bad.

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One of this deeply sad moments where nobody is referring to them as ‘Blue Boarders’ other than you.



You know nothing of our clandestine meetings or what fate awaits the pale paged scum.


Dark mode takes you to the dark web. It’s all drug transactions and hiring assassins on there, I’ve read about it.

Fun fact: When @sean first turned this feature on (I was online at the time) it defaulted to the black version which looks like my other work screens so I was happy with it. After a few minutes though he changed it to this dark blue colour, which was a real shame as it looks less like work, but I guess it fits in better with his own colour scheme.

That’s his prerogative really isn’t it. It’s his baby after all and I know that if I were to father a child I wouldn’t be comfortable with the fans and users of that child picking their outfits.

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It’s nice that we’ve got the option isn’t it. Not often I put some respect on sean’s name.

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How do you get to dark mode?