Dark Mode wankers


Wide guttered twat!


it’s too much for me


I have very good eyesight :carrot:


The Mercedes ad I have on both sides has fucked Dark Mode.
Definitely buying an Audi now!


Yes come on @deadonthestairs


Filth day was yesterday Theo


I have started using this and I like it a lot so far, especially for being able to dim the screen below the usual minimum level (other than in bright sunlight I have my screen on lowest brightness during the day, it is good to be able to dim it further for night).


I had a bit of grief with it preventing apps installing so changed to one called Blue Light Filter - Night Mode which has been good. Often fall asleep reading my phone these days, rather than staying awake for hours. So that’s an improvement. Started using it at around the same time as MiniWza arrived, so difficult to say whether it’s the app helping, or just the general tiredness of fatherhood. :slightly_smiling_face:


Giving dark mode a shot. Not immediately sold but, like japes, I’m not sure if it’s just that it’s different. Agree with Theo, though that white text on a black background is pretty harsh. I’d prefer an off-white on dark grey.


Agreed. I’ll change it in a bit.


Quite exciting never knowing what colour it will be.


Better? Too dark? I’ll keep fiddling.


I like this more than I liked the black



not quite dark enough/text colour too dark


Don’t listen to thewarn


On phone or monitor? And do you have your lightness all the way down? Feels too bright still on my phone.


Thought it might have more of a deep ocean vibe, for real DiSsers.



Just tried the phone - that’s good actually.


ooh. this is good.


Ironically I am absolutely terrified of the deep ocean and the creatures within but I love this new colour scheme!