Dark Mode



This thread is for chatting about Dark Mode.

Since the latest OSX has it, dark mode’s gone mainstream.

I use Dark Reader on Chrome, the only usable dark mode plugin I’ve ever found. Uses predetermined complimentary colours for every rendered colour on the screen, very clever.

Microsoft are in the process of applying it to Office apparently, but it will only be for 365 users.

Much nicer than staring at a light bulb all day.


dark mode should be the default


Last time we had this discussion, I changed mine to pink and then couldn’t get it to go back to white…

Might stick the dark Chrome theme on at work for nights though.


dark mode wankers


I also have dark mode chrome and it makes me feel like I’m in the Matrix


just installed the dark reader chrome thing and it’s made the dark mode on here worse, absolute shambles

(i know i can turn it off i just like complaining about stuff)


this is why i switched to dark mode for Visual Studio - makes me feel like i’m coding the Matrix


If you’ve got the plugin running, then it’s best to turn your DiS dark mode off, otherwise you’re double dark moding.


which ironically makes things slightly brighter - should just give me a black screen


Mods, they’re promoting the dark web in here, with its bad drugs and assassins. I’ve read the papers!


i love grey skull mode :skull: :skull: :skull:


Dork Mode


Alright 1980s monochrome green screen


damn what a burn


It’s better for your eyes to have a bright screen with dark bits on than the other way around I reckon.

Dark mode is useful to a degree when you’re working at night near slerping/sleepy people but otherwise it’s bad.


Only if you leave your crt on the same screen for hours


What makes you say that?


So authoritative, tell me more





grey skull til I die