Dark Mode



Basically I lived through all the dark screen years and it’s better now


Oh anecdotal evidence! The best kind


Eh? You’re having a go at me for posting my opinion? As you point out I didn’t state I was right, I stated my feeling.

Here you go, though


Use it on most coding applications but not really on the web, just installed that plugin and immediately felt my eyes relax a bit, how’s that for some ANECDATA


Everyone loves the dark mode on VS in my office it seems. Just always murkier for me although I do also boost the font size and suck up the scrolling it requires. I need to try and get some 50" 4K screens on my desk. :grinning:


Relax pal, I’m just pulling your plonker :heart:


I set everything to dark mode so it looks like a terminal so I can browse websites at work. Probably should have tried applying myself to my work like I do to not doing my work but w/e


I thought dark mode was the default in VS, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody use the light mode.


Default is white.

2/6 on dark in our office including me. Started using dark about 10 years ago and I couldn’t go back now. Webstorm configured to be pretty much the same.


Was about to say exactly this


we all used to use the default, then I went on a training course where all the computers were set to dark, got used to it and switched at work too. some people tried to switch as well but weren’t cool enough to make the change.


Didn’t like the dark mode on OSx Mojave, made files look horrible in the finder


DiS is the only thing i use a dark mode on actually


i agree japes


Ooh, fucking hell.

It doesn’t work on Google Maps.


Was gonna change to dark mode on here and see how I feel after an evening of it, but can’t find where to change it so FUCK YOU, ORANGUTANGS.



Woah… Pink is… is really something.

Quite like Grey Skull tbh


I’m going to update my devices and see what all the fuss is about.




Now panicking in case default is now dark after I sounded so sure. All I can say is this, last time I installed (bout 7 months ago) it defaulted to white.

I’ve probably said before, but one of the most useful things I have done (but very geeky) was to make my own ‘syntax’ file for EditPad so I can scan and analyse log files from our application effectively. Black background with keywords and lines in green/yellow/red for events.