Dark Mode


Depends on VS version. I think 2013 and after default to dark but it’s light mode 2012 or earlier


What’s wrong with that?


Another vote for Davidoff DiS Grey Skull.

AutoCAD is pretty much dark mode as default, so I have Firefox at work with a dark theme and reader mode set to dark so I’m less conspicuous with my non-work-centric browsing. Other than that, I’m not really a dark mode as default kinda guy.


oh right. yeah it’s dark i guess


I think grey’s the best of both worlds


Really find Dark Mode hard on the eyes

Dunno why anyone would be so wrong as to use it


since yesterday I’ve gone fully dark mode :smiling_imp:


Got dark mode on Facebook Messenger mobile recently. Someone sent me a moon emoji and when I selected it, it gave me the darkmode setting. Yeah.

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