Dark Money

Anyone watching this. Two episodes so far, final two next week. I wasn’t sure about it at first but it’s starting to get very good. Grim, but good.

I’ve only watched a bit so far

Partly because I was a floor runner on it for one day and my parents were scouring through the credits to see if I was there (I wasn’t)

It’s good.

you can wash the new five pound notes

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We’ve been playing ‘Spot The Location’. It’s clear that they want everyone to believe it’s in London but seems most of it was filmed in and around Brum. So far we’ve got:
Sutton Coldfield (Four Oaks, where the big house is)
The Hippodrome (The premiere was shot there)
Colmore Row
The Jewellery Quarter

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The interior of the cinema auditorium for the premiere is the cinema at Millennium Point / the Thinktank Science Museum

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