Dark Souls thread 2.0 featuring other From games with greater or lesser enthusiasm depending (Part 1)

Dude. I might need a summon. He’s eating my life away.

For G man? Have you asked Solaire? :wink:

I can go tonight but it’s been a while so I might be shite.

Just took him so close.

I need him down. He’s driving me insane. I should do it solo but I’m getting desperate.

Not had a chance to watch your streams but if you’re close then I would go solo for the satisfaction factor.

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I used all my embers on him. Embers for health not summoning. He’s really done me. Strangers of the Internet I have failed in my quest to get him down today, he survives me. One last go.

just watched this, even though it’s where i’m probably going soon. looks brutal.

It’s actually a really enjoyable fight but we all have our breaking points. 5 hours I put into him today. Please nobody say they did it first go.

I’ll get him tomorrow when I’m fresh, need an ale to chill after that.

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You seem to play really well for 2/3 phases then just lose patience/composure in the final and trade hits/tank his attacks which doesn’t work. I take it you ran out of resins, going off somewhere else and farming souls is a great way to take a break and cool off then spend them on more poison resins.

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I have messed around and collected more Embers.

Stream link is near top of the thread if anyone is interested in potential glory but likely death.

On now.

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I will fight him in my new armour, in close combat, he will not like it and he will cry - and I will die.

so desperately close, let me do this, please…

I can boss him phase one like it’s poetry, phase two is equal pegging.

I am finally getting a real handle on phase three.

Tomorrow G Man.



I think I just started The Ringed City and I got laser beamed to death by a flying angel. Yeah ok, that’s fair, definitely.

Fuck this game.


Have done my neck in and can’t do as much music stuff at the moment due to house issues, so I started played DS Remastered at last a couple of days ago.

Playing as a dex build because that’s mainly where I feel comfortable in these games after Sekiro and BB.

First two bosses went down with no trouble (although the Taurus Demon just wandered off the edge of the bridge after I hit it a couple of times). Made it to the Bell Gargoyle at this point and died when the second lad popped out and they both started spewing fire. Classic From.

Some random thoughts and impressions so far:

  • Probably died as many times in this already as I did in the entirety of my experience with Bloodborne
  • Those deaths have slowed down since I remembered that the game played slightly differently and I should probably be using a shield as well as just dodging around
  • Didn’t realise I could consume souls until I was already at the blacksmith in the Undead Parish (had forgotten that was a thing that you also did in BB)
  • It’s pretty fucking shonky for the game that kicked off the series and the whole “when you die it’s your fault” idea. So far I’ve had lads just doing PS1 style walking into/at small columns and getting stuck, turning around and around on the spot, stabbing straight through solid surfaces which my own weapon bounces off, bodies floating in mid-air and getting stuck in the middle of walls. Proper ropey business.
  • It’s remastered and yet it’s very much wearing its age graphically. Framerate is fast and smooth though, which is good.

Withholding judgement for now of course because there’s loads to go and I came around to Bloodborne after being initially unimpressed too.


I think that the criticisms that you’ve made of it are fair: it’s an older game and is janky in places. It’s a bit of a double edged sword in some regards (what are the upgrade paths like for those?) because I think that some of the rougher edges (e.g. Anor Londo Archers, maybe even put O+S in the borderline broken category) almost became calling cards for the series. DS3 does a great job of being fairer and more playable - it’s a better game as a result but has fewer really memorable moments and idiosyncrasies.


I wonder whether it comes down to if it was your first Souls experience or not

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I thought something similar coming to the Remastered version of Dark Souls for the first time midway through my Bloodborne playthrough. At the Undead Burg the characters felt weak and it all felt graphically poor in comparison.

However, this really did begin to slide and by certain areas later on I had a struggle differentiating it from Bloodborne, the character movement is every bit as adept and in some ways it is a better game than Bloodborne - and I say this generally considering Bloodborne to best the best game I have ever played.

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just had a wierd experience with the Spears of the Church boss, which is shit anyway. Instead of summoning the katana spell spammer who kills me in 1-shot, an actual player was summoned - who was named “SL1 baby” which is why they were in my invasion range. I think they were using hacks as they were invisible - but they went down in 3 swings of my dragonslayer axe. Maybe they weren’t hacking after all, as you think you’d also add an infinte HP to the list.
Kind of bummed the boss is over now, as it was so easy, who am I kidding, it’s one of the worst bosses in the series Hooray

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