Dark Souls thread 2.0 featuring other From games with greater or lesser enthusiasm depending

I imagine you’ll do it faster than me let’s just say that.

It is hard but it is fantastic.

Are you being stubborn though

Stubborn how? It’s a great battle, you’ll really enjoy it. I can’t get him down at all. I can work out most moves but he always gets me.

I’d concentrate on deflecting what you know you can easily defend when he gets to half health - it’s quicker than chipping away at him and the posture damage stays for ages.

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Making some progress in Demon’s Souls. Pretty sure I’m through the prologue and starting the game proper now. Enjoying it. Don’t like how hard it is to see where your souls are to retrieve them

Finding it miles easier than the other souls games combat wise but the lack of bonfires is a right ball ache. No quick 20 minute runs on this game

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DS1 update: Constantly getting whacked in Sen’s Fortress by those upright fucking lizards. Probably spent two hours trying to get to a bonfire.

Feel like my little hollow guy should have something better than a longsword and leather chest piece at this point in his life. Accurately reflects how feel about not having a PS5.


Phalanx down in demons souls. Surprisingly easy

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Ultra quick pre work stream.

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Ain’t NEVER coming down. What a fight.

You’re really well attuned to the first phase but you hang back a lot in the second and don’t take a lot of opportunities!

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I’m not confident with that part at all, it was the same with G, then I smashed him to pieces. It’ll click and I’m loving the whole feel of that Boss so don’t mind not progressing at all.

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It is a pretty fearsome phase! Oh another thing about it: when he’s spinning around attacking wildly he actually locks in on you so it’s easier to just stay where you are and deflect, as unintuitive as it feels.

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made it to Guardian Ape phase 2 first try and had a few absolute shite attempts following this. There aren’t many openings for attack in p2 as you gotta leg it for that terror AoE every other move he does. I think I’ll aim to chip health rather than posture for this one

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Yer best chance for damage is if you parry his big overhead chop, it stuns him for a while the spear does big damage to him while he’s on the floor . You can also run round his slide and get a few hits in.

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Can’t remember what you need for it but the lilac umbrella completely negates terror and if you have the skill to imbue your sword with a prosthetic power it decimates him pretty quickly.

Making some headway in the nextgenremake. Enjoyed the fight with the big lad.

Thoughts so far:

  • bit weird how sometimes it doesn’t really feel like a souls game at all - something about the look of the graphics and the way the camera works just feels very different (might give the original camera view a go)
  • the balance of stuff is a bit odd, first area I could barely upgrade my weapon and then next area I’ve upgraded it hunners in a short space of time
  • feels like there’s quite a few wee nooks and crannies that I still have to figure out how to access
  • ultimately these are mostly wee niggles and I’m having a good time; once I’m done I think I’ll do a magic build cause apparently magic is very viable option (maybe even overpowered apparently)
  • definitely very nice how quick areas load
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I don’t know about the remake but yeah it was overpowered before. You can get a magic falchion after you beat the first boss then it’s off to the races. The soul arrows can 1-hit enemies in all of 1-1 too

Or you can start as a royal and have the soul arrow from the start

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is this at the end of a few hit combo? I had a few instances last night where he did 2-3 swipes, but followed it up with the AoE. Also, the single hit diving swipe where he lies down, is it better to jump directly over him for that as if I parry/block it by the time I run towards him to attack he’s doing something else already