Dark Souls thread 2.0 featuring other From games with greater or lesser enthusiasm depending

Tomorrow it is then.


We’re playing my game now G.

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I thought I’d got the hang of Sekiro - took down all the Headless, the Shichimen Warriors and the Divine Dragon today without any real trouble - but then I tried to progress in the return to Hirata Estate and the castle/outskirts and holy fuck everything is suddenly so hard again. :sob:

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Just you wait buddy! With a lot of the guys there it’s just about getting yourself into good positions to deathblow. I did a lot of farming around those parts and there are routes that make it a lot easier to engage.

For Hirata are you talking about the wolf guy? You can use the finger whistle on the wolves or just slice him up whenever he puts his fingers to his lips.

Yeah, that wolf guy can absolutely get fucked. But also I forgot you can use the whistle on animals. :sweat_smile: Thanks!

Spoiler alert for all Souls games.


Hey dark soulers. Thinking of DS 3 as it’s on sale, but haven’t played DS 2. Does it matter??

Just buy it, you’ll love it. Go for the version with all DLC as that is incredible.

244 hours.

Spent a few hours back in old areas.

Killed the centipede and Seven Spears x2.

Going to eat then Isshin, I am coming for you.

Bored on a Friday night, decided to do the mega gauntlet of strength (17 bosses in a row). Got Gyoubu and Butterfly down so far, Genichiro to follow.

I am definitely not manage this.

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It is time…

Stream on.

Fucking monk, I’ve not died to him in ages.

Crazy how much worse at this game i get after just a week of not playing it

I’ve done it.



I have changed my form and now look like a total badass ninja.

However. It is not time just yet for play through 2.


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Thank you.

Incredible game.

Fully obsessed with Dark Souls 1 fucks sake. I’m one of you lot now.


Also VERY pleased with my Drake Sword


Tonight “Streampunk” joins the hunt. She’ll be just fine, just fine…

Almost beat the werewolf with her bare hands!

Sekiro taught me well!

Almost McGarnagled it!

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What stat you maining? Heartily recommend arcane if you’ve not done it before.