Dark Souls thread 2.0 featuring other From games with greater or lesser enthusiasm depending


most frustrating fight in the game


you got any more estus uses than that? just checking

Nice, that Ogre fight always cracks me up with all his over the top wrestling moves.

By the way Sekiro has it’s own version of illusory walls and to activate them you need to hug up against them so keep an eye out for that.

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Not wrong.


That’s a great fight. Up there with Artorias and Vicar Amelia for me as the series best.

Anything I should revisit before I leave the DLC?


Have you done Lawrence? That’s what I’m stuck on at the moment. Well done on OoK, it’s an intense fight and I was around level 120 odd when I fought him!

I haven’t no. Trying to figure out where the church is I need to go to and whether to bother.

I was level 96 when I did it. Ended up doing him first time today after 3 days of failed tries. Often goes that way, eh?



Hint for for church (if you have everything else you need)

You can’t miss it, and have been there in the ‘main’ world

It’s near the start of the DLC

(Cough) Amelia (Cough)

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Yeah I presumed it was there. Cannot find it for lov nor money mind. Something to do tonight!

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Ah I think I know where it is… was running from the second lamp but think I’m headed the wrong way. It might be easier from the first.

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Nice - One of the best fights in the game, he is pure agression but is so sattisfying when you finally get to beat him.

After beating him did you notice the whisp of shadowy black smoke rising up from the huge body on the beach? And if so did you try to do anything to it?

For Lawrence you should go from the first lamp then just run up the steps to the right up to the top to find the room he is in.

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I only had the 4 I started with but your comment reminded me I needed to do some upgrading, thanks! I’m on 6 uses now.

Not sure if I have the item that increases the amount it replenishes yet, as I think maybe I’m supposed to, will check tonight.

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Nice one. Love the atmosphere of dismal terror in that fight, a proper horrible scrap.

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A lot of people on podcasts said he’s pure aggression too and relentless from the off but all my fights with him were quite methodical. If you get caught in a side swipe and fail to get out of the way, it’s game over, but once I found a rhythm that first phase is really tactical and clever.

Second phase, was a bit more rolling in sheer abject panic and hoping to get the odd swipe in mind!

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And yes I did! I had seen in a guide by accident that you can interact with that.

I didn’t follow the lore or significance of it truth be told (in fact a lot of this games themes are going over my head) but ploughing through Bonfireside Chat and starting to piece it together.

Or rather, they are. How they’ve got all that info from the same game I’ve played is pretty staggering!

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Incredible arena, agreed. So atmospheric.

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there are items that increase number of uses but also amount of HP restored. You won’t have found the latter just yet.

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Laurence seems brutally hard but also incredibly familiar. Not sure I can be arsed with him right now.

DS2 update: 78 hours in. Are all the games this long? I think I’ve still got ages to go too. I’m level 137 which seems a bit stupid. Currently in a bit with spiders, which isn’t nice.

As seems to be my way in these games I’ve got a ton of stuff in my inventory I’ll never use or don’t know what it is. Gimme a sword, a shield and some leather boots and I’m set.

It’s a good job these bosses are easy. Fucking spiders.