Dark Souls thread 2.0 featuring other From games with greater or lesser enthusiasm depending

My first playthroughs were:

Bloodborne 187 hours.
Dark Souls 205 hours.
Dark Souls 2 111 hours.
Sekiro 243 hours.

I think DS2 is the quickest, but as my times suggest, I’m not a quick player. Also I still have some of the DS2 DLC left to do but have seen the end credits roll for the main game.

Also in DS2 you are swayed from farming a bit. I could farm in BB and DS for hours and never get bored. Which doesn’t really explain why Sekiro took me so long, other than battling against 1 boss for 50 hours! Loved every second.

Agree about all the items. I’m happy with a weapon from early game and get on with it…

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Do you ever think of all the productive things you could’ve done with those hours.

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No. I think more about when I’m doing things I don’t want to do and that I could be playing more Dark Souls (or BB or Sekiro).

Talking of which, BB stream is live.


I can’t take any more of ML.

How do I get into the DLC?

He’s fucking irritating, isn’t he? I just died after about half hour on that fight. Did phase one fine, just got stuck in a corner behind some columns and got hit by 3 enemies all at once off camera.

Seems easy enough, phase one at least, just very long and annoying. Annoying music too compared to the other tracks.

The DLC is hard to find. Even with a guide I struggled to access it! You have to go near a statue where that giant monster that is crawling on the tower can reach you.

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I’m in. Glad to be in here and put ML on hold, he is a real pain and the area is a maze.

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Thought I’d go back and visit the machine gunner in Old Yarnham and I strolled through that section now.

Also thought I’d try my hand at coop and was summoned to help defeat FG by a first timer. Nice to be helpful and I stood back for the final few hits to make sure she got the final kill.


Exploring ashina did some piss easy general (sort of accidentally, not sure how I won that fight) and got my fourth prayer bead. Stabbed a snake in the eye and now I’m at a horse riding general who seems to represent a tougher challenge.

Think I might need this grapple hook attack skill thingy.


Ah, welcome to your first full boss. I would definitely reccomend getting that skill for this fight if you don’t have it already.

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Is he easier or harder than thingmwy the drunkard?. Not gone back to him since I got my flame arm and axe thing. Plus my attack power is better and I have three gourds.

I would say individually he is harder but because you have to clear the area around the drunkard of regular enemies each time you want to have an attempt at him the overall fight is probably easier as you can just get to the boss fight straight away.

There are things you can do with the Drunkard that can help with that fight which are easy to miss as well.

Finally gave in and bought Sekiro


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You aren’t going to know what’s hit you, for a while. I have a feeling you will love it. At times it’s the best From game, then again, at times they all are.

What are your feelings about parrying?

In DS I don’t parry because the builds I do are usually based on not getting hit so do a lot of dodging and rolling.

Am I thinking Sekiro is more parrying? Because I’m not against it, if that’s the only was to get through.

I’m still bitter about sekiro cos I just can’t damn parry for shit and it’s the only way you can play that game. Hope you have more success than me!

Can you not learn it? If there’s one thing’s these games are about it’s learning the mechanics of how to move?

Yeah in theory… I’m frustrated with myself cos i should be able to. It’s not the timing (I’m a drummer so I hope it’s not the timing). I just panic and go too early when the pressure is on. Every. Single. Time.

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