Dark Souls thread 2.0 featuring other From games with greater or lesser enthusiasm depending

Timing under pressure is very different I guess. Despite my constant protest that I’m easily one of the worst gamers ever I’ll give it a go, they’ll be enough moaning in this thread from me when the time comes.

That said, not sure I’ll ever even finish DS2 at this rate. Currently don’t have a clue where I’m supposed to be going.

Current status: Wandering around the Undead Settlement. I’ve killed two Evangelists (in separate occasions) and found my way to the end of the two different pathways from the bonfire. I haven’t gone any further because I didn’t have much health left when I got to the end of the left hand one and I got a bit confused by the giant with the cage at the end of the second.

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If he didn’t seem very aggressive then you might want to try walking up to the cage on his back

I’m currently 80 hours in to DS2 now but, honestly, I’m actually more interested in how @keith is getting on.


I’ve been trying to avoid reading the walkthroughs too far ahead but I know that’s an option.

Is it better to do that or go the other way?

Doing that is just a little side thing in the game, the other way is the direction you need to head to progress.

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I am all about the little side quests.

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it’s more a quest to join an online covenant. If you have no interest in multiplayer then fugedabout

When you have been in the BB DLC and have gone back to HD for vials, etc. How do you get back into the DLC?

There’s a tombstone by the left door of the house in the HD

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ML is down. He’s a bit of an annoying, non event of a boss? But story wise a pretty big deal if my BFChat listening is to be believed.

Have saved for the night, but I feel like I am almost there now from what I recall of a guide I saw?

Levelled up my Ludwig’s Holy Blade to try it out for a bit for variation.

Anything I need to know before I press on? Know I need to find a third umbilical cord yet (and do I consume them or use them somewhere?). Or any nice little moments I might have missed or people it’s worth revisiting? Will pop back to Cathedral Ward tomorrow to see how Adrianna is doing…

Have Laurence and Ebrietas unconquered too, but not sure I am fussed about delaying the main game further by tackling either solo over and over.

Are they fun or worth doing lore wise co-op do you know?

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Thanks, these make good Joanna Newsom lyrics oddly also.

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Do Lawrence at least and then immediately start NG+ and play up to Cleric Beast and then be all like … !!!

You consume the umbilical cords before you get to the end game. You can consume them as soon as you get them so don’t worry about hanging onto them. If you have two already then you will pick up at least one more as you continue the main game.

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Thank you!


Might ask someone to join me and take him and Ebrietas down one night next week.

Literally spent 40 mins battling 8 or so knights earlier, used all the flasks and some gems, tense as anything and when I finally got passed them a boss fight started.

Switched it off in disgust.

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I think this is where I gave up on DS2. It is a great, chaotic scene though, I too thought it was all over, then…ah.

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if i have to do it i’m getting help. absolutely absurd.

sekiro arrived today!

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Are there NPC’s that help at this bit? If so it got too much for me and I went to the end of the main game instead. Nice in a way to have some left and reading your exploits make me want to try it again.

No help in Sekiro as no summoning in that game, once it gets going it is just total exhilaration. I think you’ll love it.

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