Dark Souls thread 2.0 featuring other From games with greater or lesser enthusiasm depending

I am NEVER calling the wormfish. This sucker is coming down.

Game got good.

IMA call the wormfish.

Please save there, please please please.


I saw some videos of this the other day and all I felt watching it was HE’S FUCKING 5. WHY ISNT HE WATCHING PAW PATROL?!


I did it!

I think I’m done with DS2 now. A few days rest and then… Sekiro


did you do the bullshit bosses (double tigers, 3 NPCs, blue smelter?)

VA down. Third attempt; got too greedy on the first attempt with one hit left, died again to lag/going down to about 16 pixels for the whole screen because playing a Soulsborne on a streaming service is a terrible idea.

Deeply boring boss. Bit perturbed to see it hailed as a high-point tbh, if that’s true I might as well bail out now.

Streaming Nier Automata (it’s kind of Soulslike).

I really love the look and feel of the game but I cannot get past what I presume is the first boss. Like with most games I am probably missing something, but I’ll get there.

I wouldn’t say they were - maybe people think highly of them because they augur quite a cool change in the game? Dunno. There’s way better and way harder though!

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Rez Lvl 5, not been in here since the Dreamcast, from memory it’s incredible, streaming. Loved that Lvl 4 boss so much.

Last area of Rez is a work of art, damn the music. #notSoulschat.

After another Bloodborne boss that’s a Big Thing that you roll towards (and occasionally away from!) while chipping away at its health while trying not to die to i) the camera or b) boredom… ahm back oot.

What’s a good point to do the DS3 DLC? I want to do an Onyx Blade build and it’s in AoA.

This is how I fought every boss in Bloodborne and Dark Souls 1-3, and with the exception of about 2 of them across the entire series, they all died really quickly.

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You can rush that weapon as soon as you reach the Chapel. So go Vordt > Sage and then Vilhelm is your next boss. You’ll need to get past the Crow Talons miniboss (can perform a tricky jump to skip this enemy) to reach Vilhelm and then yeet him off the cliff with a shield.

Otherwise to slow run the DLC I’d go level 45 onwards as there are so many foot soldiers it’s pretty tough without just running

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Finally started Dark Souls 3, finished 2 over a year ago now. Chose deprived as my starting class. Beat the big crystal lizard after a few goes, took me 3 or 4 goes for the first boss.

Find already I’m playing much more aggressively than I do normally in Souls, similar to how I played Bloodbourne. Two handing as much as I can.

Got a fair few souls now, might do a bit of farming/parry practice before deciding how to level up.


Chopped that dirty great tree’s dirty great bollocks off. Never feel great about that.

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I’m so fucking good at this game


I can’t believe I wasted time fighting those two.

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well you haven’t properly finished the game if you didn’t

git gud

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