Dark Souls thread 2.0 featuring other From games with greater or lesser enthusiasm depending

Might play DS3 again to quell some of my Elden Ring excitement, but also sort of hoping Microsoft announce FPS Boost for it at some point…

Guess I could always try to finish my charmless Sekiro playthrough instead.

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Looks like you can buy it on current gen too and upgrade it in the future, if a new machine is a way off:

don’t massively see the point of elden ring unless there’s something substantially different to the other souls games. got bored of ds3 because it felt like Bloodborne but not as good.

might try Sekiro, seems to wind up loads of the Souls nerds which can only be a good thing.

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I’m very tempted by DS3 again! Might even do DS2 because that’s the only one I haven’t replayed. I’m trying with The Surge 2 but the world and characters are completely charmless.

Can’t believe Elden Ring’s out so soon. Thought we’d be waiting ages. Gonna have a nice stack of From-related stuff to get through when I eventually buy a PS5!

For what it’s worth, I think Sekiro might be my favourite game of all time. Once I realised that the combat system was largely a rhythm game I got so much more out of it.

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I really didn’t like the Surge 2. It felt like trying to scratch a Mario itch by playing Bubsy 3D.

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I got an email from a student this morning to thank me for help passing his course and to grief me for not having finished Spiderman.

When I replied to say I’d be grinding through DS3 when I saw him next year, he gave me this encouragement:

“You’ll still be grinding away when I finish my HND they games are a nightmare good luck”


For me the Souls games are more polished and refined as you go through them in chronological order (unsurprisingly), so I’m excited to have a more Soulsy game than Sekiro with a similar level of refinement, and hopefully the build variety and stuff that was completely absent from Sekiro.

Hope the multiplayer isn’t necessary and/or is shite because I’ve been seen the point of co-op in these games, the whole thing that makes the boss fights compelling is figuring how to use your precise moveset to do damage while also not getting splattered. As soon as you’ve got one person button mashing attack while the boss is focused on someone else it becomes pointless to me.

c’mon man there are other ways to flex


Might do Sekiro again

do it blindfolded or something interesting


Yes. Play Sekiro. It’ll annoy you for an hour then you’ll be in for the ride of your lifetime to date. Incredible levels of exhilaration from that game when you get going.

The small plot synopsis they put out reeeeeally sounds like Dark Souls with a few words switched out, but includes the phrase “mad taint,” so swings and roundabouts


Current status: I finally switched off the crossbow in Smoldering Lake.

Spent a bit of time grinding around Farron Keep because I quite fancy some new armour none of it is actually that much better than my current set.

I’m also a new convert to my Dark Sword.

Old Demon King next, then back to Ithyrill.


I’ve been waiting for Sekiro to go on sale on Xbox and it’s down to £29.99 today so have bought it :grimacing:


Worth every penny even at full price.


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Precioussssss detailsssss


Sounds like BotW

except no trousers runs will be for bragging rights and not from sheeldzing it up

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200 days to go at midnight.

Shit is getting real.