Dark Souls Thread - Phase 3

  • It’s Bloodborne II: Get Bloodier
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YouTube compression has done this dirty, it looks much nicer in play, but first sort of boss:

Absolutely classic “I have nailed phase one, I am untouchable” into fudging my way through phase two trying to figure out if I should be dodging, blocking, parrying, or wanking him off.

Not nearly far enough in to make a grand judgement but early signs are that it’s going to be more of a fine/10 than anything spectacular.

Hope I’m wrong, though.

did you ever pick up Bloodborne after shelving it?

Nah, got about a third through but I was streaming it before I had good internet and it was not a great way to experience it.

I don’t want to make too much of a big deal about it but I’ve just beaten Gerhman and the Moon (Unit?). Gehrman was maybe my fifth attempt; Moon beast was my second.

Bloodborne was one of the first games I bought with my PS4 and I couldn’t get past the first area of Yharnam when I eventually sold it for something more fun.

To have beaten the whole game without summoning any real people to help is quite an achievement from my point of view.

I’ll do my boss ranking once you’re all set up with cups of blood and brain slugs.


Nice work, the Gerhman fight is fantastic and the boss arena looks amazing for that battle.


Think Balteus took me about 4 hours of repeated tries my first time through AC6, and in NG+ I beat it first time. :sweat_smile: Probably helps that I used weapons that destroy pulse armour this time rather than desperately chipping away at its shields with kinetic damage.

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Nice one. I would absolutely recommend immediately starting NG+ and playing up to at least the first boss Cleric Beast just so you can have your mind blown by the sheer holistic beauty of it all.

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Was kind of tempted by this Pinocchio soulslike but then I read in the guardian that it’s harder than Bloodborne and thought nah. I’m here for something that’s as hard as BB, but harder? You’re ok.

I played the demo and thought it a bit fiddly. Not surprised to see some lukewarm reactions. Would give it a whack for £15-£20 maybe.

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I played the demo and didn’t think it was harder than Bloodborne.

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YES! It’s Bloodbourne night tonight :tophat: :drop_of_blood:


Most annoying thing about soulslike games is you can’t come home from the pub and make any form of real progress no matter how hard you try. It’s all well and good these twitch streamers doing no hit runs, give me a drinks on the weekend run and I’ll be impressed.


tonight we beat cleric beast and father Gascoigne - damn that graveyard was an annoying area for a fight…and his second form was scary fast! bodes well for later bosses!

So many paths now to take, hard to keep track of everywhere.

Oh and those birds can fuck right off, scare the crap out of me and always manage to ambush whilst fighting a big lad.

Can’t wait for next week’s session :slight_smile:


Gave that Lies of P an hour or so but not sure it’s for me.

Can’t get on with the counter / block / parry system, the dodge is shit and it’s all a bit on the nose for me.

Feels like I’m playing a hamstrung version of Bloodborne too much rather than a new idea, despite the nice visuals and interesting theme.

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In other news: water is wet, scientists confirm.