Dark Souls Thread - Phase 3

let’s have it then

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I started Lies of P (really shit name eh?)

I cannot believe how much they ripped out of the From games. It has everything. I had read they were similar but still… crazy. It’s also really good!

I love the aesthetics. Runs really well in performance mode. Combat is maybe slightly faster than DS. Parrying is similar to Sekiro, more forgiving though, but less satisfying.

2 bosses in. First gave me a bit of trouble and 5 or 6 attempts. Walked the second one.

Genuinely surprised at how good it is despite being a carbon copy From game. Just need one of you guys to start so I can ask for help when I inevitably get stuck.

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Going to be starting this soon after I finish the Robocop Rogue City’s endgame. I needed a palate cleanser of a non Souls-like after getting pretty far in the new Lords of the Fallen only to get the crash bug that wiped 20+ hours of gameplay and countless levels from my character.

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been watching a streamer play it. on the whole it looks good but the focus on blocking and parrying makes me think i wont get on with it (and no i haven’t tried sekiro yet.) the usual substitution of even more flowery terminology for everything really grates. DEATH ERGO INVOCATED, INVERT PHASE GRIND MACHINA TOUT SUITE.

can we have HP, MP and XP back please thanks


can’t say I have any interest in it, I don’t like fighting puppets/robots/things that aren’t fleshy. Also don’t like the character model and it’s not customisable.

I do like the idea of customising weapon parts though. Maybe I’ll play it when it’s dirt cheap

I’m playing Robocop Rogue City also. Currently at the Merc Leader who is causing me problems. It probably needs another patch as it can glitch a bit, no real problems though, that said I am absolutely loving it, it’s a flawed game but the feel of playing as Robocop is spot on. I noticed it updated a few days ago but this update brought my first and only game crash. Obviously I will be biased with anything Robocop and even with its small problems it I really rate it, I do feel that if they’d ironed out some of the small issues and put more into your stats and character development choices it could be an all-time great video game. I know the studio is not a triple A one and they’ve pulled of something so lovingly well crafted here, the movement of Robocop is superb. It’s the font I think but it reminds me of Fallout 3 a lot with its interface. It kind of reminds me of Point Blank also, the PS1 game. Wish I could spin the gun Robo-style.

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RoboCop is an absolute blast to play and just a really solid game. Captures the mood and tone of the original movie perfectly. It never gets boring slowly walking through a room of bad guys, grabbing one by the neck and launching him into another, blowing another guys head off and punching a fourth through a wall.

Still time to get my P on now…

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mfw there’s a third phase :disappointed:

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Parrying is definitely required. I rolled my way through DS1-3, couldn’t parry for shit. Got better at it with Sekiro but still not great.

Just upgraded my “p-organ” (seriously).


If it helps, they do “bleed” oil? And I got this mask right at the beginning. Equipped immediately so I didn’t have to look at his creepy face.

You’ll catch up to me in no time. Just did the third boss (Scrapped Watchman, who was apparently in the demo). This guy was nails. Took me about an hour I reckon, but enjoyable.

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Yeah, I had played the demo so blitzed through the opening section some what as I had played it before and new what to expect.

I am currently making my way through the factory area just after that. Slowing down a lot more now as it’s all new to me again from this point forwards.

that does help, cool mask!

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So I picked up Dark Souls 2 as it was £7. I might tackle it after Ghostrunner 2 as I seem to have got into a flow of doing a Souls game over each Christmas period.

If I do tackle it next, anything I should think about when I choose my starting class?

I tend to go Dex heavy builds either with two weapons or a sword and shield. But after doing that now in Elden Ring, Bloodborne and Dark Souls, I’m wondering if I ought to try something different.

A strength heavy build or maybe dabble in magic.

Any advice before I lumber myself with some useless oaf for 40 hours?

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The biggest mistake you can make is to ignore the adaptability stat. Make sure you put some levels into adaptability as this stat governs the number of iframes you have on a dodge roll.

If you like duel wielding then DS2 has a feature called Power Stance which allows you to attack with two weapons with the same attack style at the same time. The setup to do this can be a little fiddly at the start as you need to have two weapons of the same class (so two curved swords for example) and equip them. Next you need to have 1.5x the Strength/Dex stats for each weapon. Finally you then activate the power stance by pushing the button that would usually two-hand a weapon.

Also be aware that illusory walls are activated by pushing the action button on them (so X on the PlayStation) and not by hitting them/rolling into them as with every other From game with this mechanic.


I personally think that ds2 lends itself really well to a mage run.

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Just finished the factory. Opening all the shortcuts was fun, quite an intricate level. Played around swapping blades/handles and found one I like. Found this boss MUCH easier than the last.

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Yeah, the factory boss did feel a lot easier than those that came before. I have a couple of weapons that I am swapping between at the moment that I am enjoying using but haven’t gone to far into trying out different blade/handle combinations.

I enjoyed the riddler style side bits with the ring phone so am combing all new areas so I hopefully don’t miss the next part of that questline.

Haha, they don’t make your life easy eh?

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Except the DLC bosses! Fucking hell they were near impossible for me.

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