Dark Souls Thread - Phase 3

Yes that was good. Found a couple of little secrets so far. There’s an awful lot of systems I’m not sure I understand/making the most of?

Almost never use the legion/arm ability, forget it exists most of the time. Same with the Arts thing. And I’ve just picked up a cube/wishstone?!

Also got to my first bullshit section with massive gap between “bonfires” and some jumping that if you miss its almost certain death. The fact they’ve even nicked the rubbish Dark Souls method of jumping makes it worse.

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Think we are basically at the same point. I have that cube now and also keep forgetting my legion arm is anything other than decorative although I have just unlocked a new one which I think I might use it’s special ability a little more.

I like a mage with a rapier or other DEX single hand weapon. Level adaptability. I don’t recommend powerstancing weapons on your very first run, it eats a lot of stamina. But powerstanced STR weapons is a very fun run, just maybe not your first

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Just found my first proper missable secret after back tracking to an earlier area in Lies of P and discovering something I missed earlier on. Now off to backtrack even further to see where this secret leads.

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I’m having real trouble with the boss in the cathedral. The first phase isn’t so bad, and the second isn’t that much different in theory, but can’t seem to get it past half health. Making silly mistakes but I’m also finding myself stuck in a corner, or not being able to see a thing.

Typical. Beat him on my next attempt.


Wasnt a fan of sister friede at all, only boss fight in the game ive felt the need to summon for. Then straight onto the demon princes and it just feels like more of the same. Did such an eyeroll when it resurrected for a third health bar :roll_eyes: tempted just to fight the final boss and call it done now.

He has been my favourite boss so far and definitely has given me the most challenge to beat.

I get the Demon Princes, definitely the more annoying boss fight of the two but Sister Friede is top tier for me. Such a great fight when you get past the first phase. You are definitely encouraged to summon for that fight lore-wise as it’s the only NPC summon in the game that joins the fight after the first phase.and he can be summoned even if you are not embered.


My problem is trying to dodge everything. It definitely wants you to use all three defensive strategies (block, parry, dodge). Knowing which defence gives you the opening to attack seems key. And taking advantage of the enemies weakness. The earlier mini boss was a definite test for this. I couldn’t do it until I started using the fire grindstone.

Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of chances to use all three defensive strategies with the next boss…oh boy!

Damn. Have you done this?
It’s an endurance test. I got the eldest rabbit down to about 1/3, and defeated three of the smaller ones, but it just went on and on. Ran out of steam in the end.

I did managed to do it and you are right, it’s definitely an endurance test. I had to sharpen my weapon at least once as I had almost worn it completely out before the end of the fight.

Oof, they’re done. Wasn’t so bad in the end. I was practicing perfect parrying and his sword broke? After that, did hardly any damage, so was much easier to manage/take a few extra hits while dealing with the smaller bastards.

Not sure weapon breaking was ever explained but could be a useful tactic.

I think it’s mentioned right t the beginning along with everything else it throws at you about the mechanics but I have only been able to break regular grunts weapons, I did not realize you can also do this with bosses too.

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first flame: linked :fire:

good game all told. wasnt much on the DLC but gael made up for it. probably 40 attempts for me on that but a great boss fight. skulked about the alternative firelink shrine and then fought final boss. suitably sad and anticlimactic :ok_hand:


Gael is a top tier boss fight, definitely ends the series on a high.

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Done a few more bosses and on to the next chapter. Claimed my first boss without dying too which is always nice. Still really enjoying it.

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I have just got to the Grand Exhibition and so need to explore that. I am liking the little literary references lightly scattered through the game.

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I’ve finished up there. Impressed with the variety of locations, reminds of BioShock at times (Rapture and Columbia vibes). It’s a really nice looking game too. @midnightpunk would enjoy this I think.

Starting to use all of the abilities now… almost required to get through some of the boss fights. I thought I was going to be stuck on KoP for ages but thankfully not.