Dark Souls Thread - Phase 3

Fuck it, started sekiro rofl


from software sekiro GIF

already googling how combat works

Just button mash the parry button for a bit, that’s basically all you need to worry about getting sorted in the early game. In DS dodge was your friend but in Sekiro parry is the key and the window for the timing on that is much more forgiving of the mash than in DS.

Is it basically parry until crit? Just beat kawarada but couldnt really say how.

Pretty much, some enemies you will need to whittle down their health a bit before you can get that crit in. The posture bar is the most important element of most fights and you should be aiming to fill that up as quickly as possible. You will know if you need to take an enemies health down a bit first if an enemies posture bar clears faster than you can fill it up with parrying.

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i kiiiiiind of get it but not really yet. not used to there being so much stuff on screen either, it’s a bit distracting :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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I would definitely recommend playing in offline mode as it gets rid of all those annoying bright pink message icons in the world as they add absolutely nothing to the game play other than cluttering up certain areas of the game.

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I started a sekiro play through a week or so back. Played it back when and I was exhausted by the end and didn’t really feel I’d ever GOT it got it, more brute forced it. Didn’t do any alternate endings or harder optional bosses due to the fatigue with it

Having a lot more fun this time and I’ve now done all the bosses. Think I finally got it. Closing in on platinum.

Sure Eric you’ll get it quicker than I did… just checked YouTube and may 2019 was when I last beat the final boss.

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def need to get out of the dash away and punish mind set coz it clearly doesn’t work. weird though because zombie warrior bloke was trying to teach me that last time i was there. quite satisfying picking off droogs one by one, but think boss fights are where i’m gonna need a bit of a reset.

The dodge counter? Ive never really known how to tell if that’s been successful. There are definitely some boss moves that are best side stepped and punished but it’s a lot more situational than yer usual FromS iframe roll- hit -repeat

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Remember being pretty shocked to boot it up after I first played it and seeing all that clutter. Think I prefer it as a streamlined experience.


Made my way to The Barren Swamp when I ended my run yesterday after 1st timing Victor which was pleasing. Did a little back tracking before I switched off for the night and found my second cryptic vessel which I nearly missed.

Ah think I may have missed that one. Might go back because I’m struggling with the Swamp boss. Not a fun fight, lots of things about it are v annoying.

hmm idk about this game lads

The biggest challenge is unlearning your instincts from Dark Souls and to not rely on dodging.

except for Chained Ogre

once you’re past that I think it’s game on


in fact I’m betting Eric’s on Chained Ogre right now

There’s the bull too. I’ve never parried that to death

hmm, I think that’s the way I did it - it’s somewhat of a cheese but you can bait out an attack that you can deflect. Don’t ask me the setup, it’s been years since I played it