Dark Souls Thread - Phase 3

Tuchibane has killed me over 100 times an hour for 3 evenings running. YET, there is light. Best run, half healthed him tonight and did some proper damage with a few attacks. Still working out the best stance / weapon for him. Such a brilliant Boss (wrong thread for it I know but they’ll eat me alive in the Gaming Thread).

It’s over so quickly that you have to go again. If I could block him I would have him, but I can’t. Outstanding and he’s still standing.

No Boss. In any game. Has put me down this many times.

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Beginning to hurt him.

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Just amazed how fast he is, how well he evades even when you go wading in, he evades. How brutal his attacks are. I am getting there. Feels like you are getting the battle your way and he will fall next go or two - then he kills you immediately for like 10 goes in a row. Truly incredible Boss. I’ll get him.


You’ll want to get stance switching mid-fight down. Low for evasion, mid for blocking, high for when it’s time to deal the pain. Have you got any magic or ninjutsu yet?

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Change of stance mid-fight is not something I have done yet, but was beginning to figure I might need to do this.

Streaming, Nioh : otherwise known as and they will know me by the times I am dead…

Link at top of thread somewhere.

Boss not only has killed me well over one thousand times, he just tripped the electrics and crashed my PS4. Power beyond belief.


Not giving up though.

This. Clearly, Isn’t. Possible.

Absolutely raging here. I know I can get him. He destroys so quick. I HATE HIM! What an incredible fight and boss.

I’d forgotten how many different button combinations you have to try to learn for the Nioh games, that’s not changed in Nioh 2. I am having a lot of fun with the photo mode though.

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Finally hurting him properly now.

He’s got to fall.


So finally got some screen time today and got through the fishing village to the Orphan of Kos!

Only bloody took him down first time!

yeah, of course not, barely scratched him


Dear God. Please let me do this. It’s been a week and maybe 2000 deaths.

Never known an enemy defend like this and counter so quickly and effectively.

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One of my favourite Bosses ever I am feeling. It’s so damn fast. You always feel like there’s a chance and I am evading him more now. Feel luck will play a part. When you have a good go at him and it feels possible the will of your stamina to regain so you can evade is brilliant. Then it feels like a real scrap, dodge out of the way, get at him before his stamina comes back. Those big hits on him are a thing of glory. Dodging the cat he throws, applying pressure. Then he slays you in seconds. Again. I will get him.

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Never played Nioh but can’t help feeling that there’s some “make sure you have the Shard of Skimbledoof equipped before taking on this boss” thing going on that you’re missing by not looking at wikis etc…


Ah whoops that’s my Orphan opportunity gone…

Carried on late last night and still wasn’t making much of a dent so i decided to chill out with Gerhman instead. Took him down after about half an hour (and then some other prick i don’t even remember from 2016 turned up and i killed him too) and then… it dumped me into ng+.


I thought was like Elden Ring where you have to choose to start ng+ but, no, off you go. Orphan of Kos is safe from my ineffectual flailing for now! Maybe in another 6 years…


Ah that’s a shame, you would have kicked that orphan’s arse eventually (there’s a sentence I never expected to write).

I understand why the boot you straight into NG+ (due to the outcome of a couple of the endings) but it’s still annoying when they do that.

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