DARKSIDE (Nicolas Jaar & Dave Harrington)

Back (not in pog form).

I said that this deserved its own thread, so here it is. I love Jaar 'n all, but that debut Darkside album was one I revisited again and again and again, more so than anything else he’s made, so I’m psyched that there’s a follow-up happening.


This album came up in my Release Radar this week, heart skipped a beat for a second, then realised it was some other chances with the same name.

I’m gonna wait for the whole album but is the single good?

If it wasn’t for how good they were live with the mirror I probably wouldn’t be as bothered by DARKSIDE compared to A.A.L. or solo Jaar stuff but, fuck me they were so good at the Ritz and Primavera made the album even better. Metatron what a track.

They should have just pressed record in a studio and recorded it like Soulwax did with the last album.

Still revisit Psychic a lot, amazing record, great live shows. Don’t really want to spoil the album so not going to listen to this one but it’s great news to have them back

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I never saw them live :disappointed:

Psychic would be in my top 10 albums from the previous decade. Very excited to have a new one to look forward to.

Also fell foul of the impostors in the Release Radar this week.

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Good enough to maintain my excitement, but by no means my favourite of theirs.

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There is a fair bit of live stuff on youtube not much with the mirror though although to put that across on screen would be really hard, personal favourite along with the live album they put out last year:

Also quite like that Dave Harrington explained partially how he does stuff with the always excellent Matt Sweeney:

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July 23rd is not the Spring




Bought the glass version on the official website :heart_eyes: