Darren Hayman (not dead)

Just did a search and he doesn’t seem to have a thread. I only discovered his stuff last year with 12 Astronaughts and I’m reallly enjoying the new album Home Time. Just starting to dig through the back catalogue, seems there is a ton there. Any other Hayman fans here?

I think there are a fair few Hefner fans on here but it’s been so long since the band were about no one really brings it up much. I saw them live a few times and they were really good.

I’ve been on a geeky FB group with Hayman and he was knowledgeable about loads of comics stuff but a bit rigid in his views on Star Wars and didn’t really rate any of the films much compared to the original. :smiley:

I’ve not heard much of his solo stuff. I liked the earlier Hefner sound which was more ragged and noisy and I just tended to assume his solo stuff would be more of the quieter introspective variety. Silly, I will give some a listen.

I was at one of those gigs at the Underworld! Saw Hefner a few times. They were ace live. Saw Darren Hayman in a church doing all of Breaking God’s Heart on his own a couple of years ago. Also saw him in a church (Union Chapel) doing his Thankful Villages project.

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I never got into Hefner, but absolutely love the ‘Essex Trilogy’ albums - they are amazing.

Aw Theo have you scanned all your gig tickets?

It was the Saturday!

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Loved that one about the moon and back

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I scanned a bunch of them I had lying around at one point, yeah. Was basically just messing about with web design stuff and PHP programming while also having them to recall. Pre Google photos.


As they announced on the Friday, Friday rocked harder.

Someone I know through DiS (can’t recall who and they don’t post here at all now anyway) is friends with Jack. I had a little chat on their wall with him where I mentioned how they actually got me into AC/DC due to Back in Black being their coming on music. He said that even now when he hears it start up he gets a brief feeling that he has to get on stage!

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Hefner are one of those bands where I absolutely rinsed just own of their albums (The Fidelity Wars) but never really went beyond that. I Stole A Bride is one of my all-time favourite songs.

Also saw them live once. With Murry The Hump supporting!

Where next in terms of Hayman’s solo stuff?

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(Maybe I saw them with Murry the Hump too?)

Being a bit younger than a lot his fans I’d missed them the first time round and met him a couple times in indie circles before I knew he was in Hefner and I still haven’t heard them. Might as well change that now; what’s the best album to start with?

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First one is more rocking, the Fidelity Wars is more heartbreaking relationship-y and I seem to recall a later album has some analogue synth stuff in?

Yeah I’m a big fan and he’s very prolific so there’s loads of solo albums to choose from. For recent ones I’d suggest 12 Astronauts which is one of my favourites now, it’s lovely. If you like the more poppy stuff then his newest Home Time or the Hayman Kupa band with Emma Kupa.

Another of my favourites is Essex Arms which is one of his best. Or if you like quiet introspection then Florence is very nice too.

These are personal favourites but he’s got so many you may want to dig around.

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The first 3 Hefner records are all great, particularly breaking god’s heart and fidelity wars. It’s worth tracking down the b-sides and rarities collection called Boxing - some of their best stuff on there like Hello Kitten and Twisting Mary’s arm.

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Remember that song about thatcher?

Was a big fan of destroyed cowboy falls… Like lots of hefner stuff. Hayman solo stuff has been great too.

Murray the Hump supported at the Underworld. Still give Thrown Like a Stone a listen every now and then.

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Of his solo stuff, really like Lido. Only ever had the best of Hefner and breaking god’s heart. Whilst I really like both I’ve never felt the need to explore further.

Find it very upsetting that these tickets are not arranged in chronological order.

Saw them once around the time of Breaking God’s Heart and almost went to the Thankful Villages thing but have lost track of him through no fault of his.

We Love the City was probably the ‘big’ Hefner album so that might be a good starting point.