Dash cams

Just had yet another driver be actively aggressive on the motorway after tailgating me because I was overtaking someone at less than the 90 they were doing. Pulled alongside me for 30 seconds then swerved right in front of me, then moved into the inside lane to film me with their mobile out the window (assume that’s what they were doing alongside me as well but kept looking forwards rather than engaging).

Encounter actively aggressive driving like this so often (don’t think it’s my fault beyond generally sticking to my guns while being aggressively tailgated).

Kinda worried I’m gonna wind up making an insurance claim due to someone being an entitled and aggressive prick and increasingly thinking a dash cam might be useful for if that happens.

Sooooo… are they Tory?

General venting at drivers being awful permitted.

Personally I’m not a fan because it’s yet another load of surveillance in everyone’s lives, but leaving that aside, they are helpful if you are involved in some sort of incident with a dickhead like that.

Also need to bear in mind that if you’re involved in an accident, it might end up helping prove you were at fault (not intending to suggest you personally are a dangerous driver or anything, but it can happen to anyone).

I’m going to be commuting again soon and it’ll be a 45 minute drive including some motorway and I must admit I’m thinking about getting one for this reason.

Had a car in front of me in the outside lane doing 55 despite the inside being completely empty. When they hadn’t moved after a couple of minutes I gave a gentle flash of lights to wake them from their stupor. They responded by repeatedly spraying their windscreen wipers. 1-0 BMW driver :joy:


I’m just back from a driving holiday in Norway and couldn’t believe how considerate the locals were. No tailgating whatsoever, leaving lots of space. I guess it’s because in the snowy, cold winters they have to leave enough space to allow for icy conditions and skidding.
1:0 Norway

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in a 54


I’ve often thought about getting one as there are so many inconsiderate picks on the road.

But I think it’s more likely I’ll just give up the car instead.

russian dash cam videos are my only vice


I almost got hit the other day as two young dickheads were racing each other through a built up suburban area and one was on the wrong side of the road. Made me think then that it would possibly be a good idea to get one. If I had I’d have been pretty tempted to shop the pricks as they could so easily have killed a kid or something.

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40 :woman_shrugging:

But yes I get the reference

It’s weird people like that presumably think they’re in a hurry and yet have time to fuck about trying to intimidate you and whatever.

And yes that guy definitely tory and definitely voted brexit.


Audi 4x4 so… yep

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