Dashboard confessional: a reappraisal



don’t do this to xylo! :frowning:

Surely he doesn’t? Does he?

maybe not?

I haven’t heard them since I was 16 and a girl I knew liked them so have no idea if they/he? are any good or not

it’s a good name for a band though I will say!

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Shut it down, mods


Definitely awful. Gimme a few pints and then play Screaming Infidelities at me though and I’ll sing like I’m 16 and just been dumped again.


poor man’s Hawthorne Heights


Touring next month. Wife is going but it was a hard no for me. Appalling. Venue has been downgraded from a 1200 to 400 capacity which says a lot.

Imagine 400 people buying dashboard confessional tickets in 2018


Aw jeez, I seem to remember going to see him around the time of that one album I (and everybody else) bought. Support was Finch, Saves the Day and Face to Face! Just having a quick listen now, and this song is nice until he starts wailing:

He’s part of the first Further Seems Forever album so I can’t hate on him too much! Although I haven’t listened to that in a while either.


Finch and Saves the Day on the same bill. Wow.


When I was 16 my brother bought me Kanye tickets but my then-boyfriend didn’t want to go with me and got me to exchange them for Maroon 5 tickets because Dashboard Confessional were supporting.

I’m still fuming.




I still love playing this and wailing along!

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Had a bit of a soft spot once upon a time but…man. They are real bad.

Back in the day I bought The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most completely blind off of a glowing write up on Usenet that essentially called him a newer, more exciting version of Nirvana. I shouldn’t have done that.

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Oooft. Damning with faint praise if ever I heard it

Jeeping fuck. Bad times.

My housemate was going through… difficulties with his not quite girlfriend, future, and ex wife (they always made it look complicated). His normal diet of metalcore and bjork became supplemented with screaming infidelities. Never been so glad when two people finally got together.

Yeah, Finch seemed utterly out of place in that line up! They were on first if I remember correctly and didn’t have a very appreciative crowd!