Dat Sat-ur-day Thread


Wretched nights sleep. But…

Off to Gosport today for football. Going to make a day of it and visit the Royal Armouries museum at Fort Nelson atop Portadown Hill, take a look at my old house and school in Portchester, have a gander at the Castle there, visit a little tap room in Gosport, write a match report and have fish and chips.

Need to get up, dressed and on the road.

What about you?


Morning @he_2 and the rest of DiS!

Went to bed at 10 last night after a nice Thai takeaway. Still woke up at 6.20 but am feeling a bit more human. Going up to the coast for a walk this morning, chippy lunch and then football this afternoon.

Currently sat up in bed with a tea.


more work. work on a human face forever. i hate work.

Going to IKEA isn’t it

Probably watch the rugby later

Other stuff

Came up with a really great plan for today whilst pissed last night.

Can I remember it?

Can I fuck.


i go through phases of this, but i can never nap. it’s ride or die for me when it comes to :sleeping::sleeping:

What if chilling out, the biggest plan, ate all the other plans?


No, it was very involved and planned with military precision

Something to do with buying spare walking boots

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I have no plans. None.

“i thought he’d be with his ex forever, but then he accidentally over inflated her.”

“i said he OVER INFLATED HER.”

“oh dear god.”


Facebook says I’m going to Stanton to play Game of Thrones but I do not believe its lies.


We didn’t get round to playing CoB yesterday so it better fucking be on the cards today or I’m going to kick off

Ah, I was going to buy some cherry DMs because a guy on the telly was wearing some, fantastic


Didn’t know you had the card game version too!!!

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On a crappy 8 hour journey into Cambodia, including a farcical border crossing where we had to walk through security scanners several times that were neither manned nor switched on. Bastards have also scribbled on the front cover of my passport. Coming down with the tour group cold which I thought I’d avoided for a month. In case you can’t tell I’m. Feeling grumpy today. Counting down the days…


i know someone who just flew out to thailand and is hitting cambodia today (i think), and they’re part of a group too. apologies if this is stalkerish, i know the chances are small but lately lots of weird 6 degrees things have been happening to me so this wouldn’t surprise me at all if you’ve met my friend!

Saw HMLTD with the main man @aboynamedgoo last night. Now chilling in his spare room before breakfast. Might get another hours kip

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Yes I am but I’ve entered from Vietnam. There is another version of the tour that goes anti clockwise and enters from Thailand so they may well be doing that.


oh, fair enough. well i hope you’re having fun and the cold doesn’t last too long!

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I had that recently. Are you waking up out of breath by any chance?