Data recovery gurus: very sad panda here

Please bear with me here as I realise I am being slightly irrational.

I had to do a factory reset on my phone for reasons. I swear all my Whatsapp stuff was backed up…

I have set it up as a new phone and gleefully tapped ‘restore’ thinking everything would appear. It has not. Group chats that I was either added to or was in have been restored but there is no message content. There are no individual messages from anyone. There’s a random selection of images over the last six months or so, but again no rhyme or reason to what’s been imported.

Am I fucked.

How long ago was this? Sometimes it takes a few hours to sync.

It was about an hour ago. I’ve deleted and restored a number of times. But all I’m getting is my group chats (with no content) and random media from different chats.

Maybe leave it overnight? Or check and see if it’s the same on there?

Tbh I’m just guessing, sorry for your loss (of data)

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It should have given you the option to restore from Google drive when you opened it.

Make sure you’re logged into your Google drive.

If this doesn’t work then it not good news I’m afraid.

Yeah, Google Drive is the key, as @stickboy says. I’m not sure you can backup another way? At least that seems to be the only option for me.

Can you see the backup in your Google Drive?

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Having looked into it, it seems the backup files are hidden on a mobile. You need to go to Drive on a desktop, then settings, then apps or something, and it should be there?

Thanks everyone. Sadly it’s gone. Nevermind. An excuse to make more future memories.