Data storage [Audit]


what’s your backup sitch?

  • what backup? lol
  • i sometimes back things up, if i remember
  • have some cloud storage, back stuff up if it’s important
  • i back stuff up to physical drives AND the cloud :metal:

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what ya using?

  • i think my mac does something automatically
  • cloud storage
  • physical drives
  • i actually wrote my own script that runs a… (theo option)
  • other

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ever lost data?

  • no, never
  • lost some stuff i didn’t care about shrug
  • there was this one thing i lost which really screwed me
  • multiple, yuge failures :sob:

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if your main system drive died right now

  • no prob, can restore
  • lose a bit, not a biggie
  • lose quite a bit, quite irksome
  • :skull:

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Other is MrS who has some kind of back up schedule. He may have done a script…
I’ll ask him in a bit


get him to sign up!


nice try



body seems unclear


do you want my account number and sortcode too?

i have no money


i’m full fucking para tinfoil maniac about this stuff.

Currently rocking:

  • 2tb physical USB external drive, with the entire 2TB in a 256AES encryption shell
  • two separate wireless NAS on the network that are running regular backups on multiple devices automatically
  • dropbox on everything

i’m never losing stuff again basically


no thank you



Keep data and stuff on Dropbox and use git for code.

We get unlimited cloud storage at work so when I changed work computer just before Christmas I uploaded the entire hard drive of my old computer :grinning: I will probably never look at this data again.


I voted “I lost some stuff I didn’t care about shrug” because it was backed up on two separate hard drives.

I’m the king of back ups. After a traumatic work incident when I lost a year’s worth of satellite weather data.


have had a couple of laptops break with lots of music on them that i’ve had to either re-rip from CD, try to redownload from somewhere or just accept is gone.

never lost anything actually important but the music thing is a pain in the arse.


usually i can copy most of it back from phone or mp3 player but twice it’s happened where my mp3 player had been broken or lost. v irksome.


just to say also if you didn’t all know that anyone running a mac can use filevault on external drives as well as their internal ones. This is a good idea coz portable harddrives are extremely easily stolen, so at least they’ll be forced to wipe the drive rather than steal all the hypothetical dirty images of me that time i went to brazil.

Oh and store your files inside encrypted shells on cloud you maniacs. It’s like you WANT to be breached.


Flatmate asked me to help her to choose an external hard drive to back up her business files. It was literally 140mb of word/excel stuff. She’d never even heard of Dropbox!?


I should do this if only to spare the embarrassment of someone finding my Omaha the Cat Dancer and Milo Manara comics.


fucking normies!


if you’re rocking mac just right click and filevault the bastard.

only a complete psycho would do that and THEN build a shell inside.


Favourite physical storage media?

  • 5.25" Floppy
  • 3.5" Floppy
  • CD
  • DAT
  • MiniDisc
  • Compact Flash
  • ZIP drive
  • DVD
  • CD-RW
  • SD Card
  • Flash Drive
  • Hard Drive
  • Blu Ray
  • Other, discuss

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