Data storage [Audit]

what’s your backup sitch?

  • what backup? lol
  • i sometimes back things up, if i remember
  • have some cloud storage, back stuff up if it’s important
  • i back stuff up to physical drives AND the cloud :metal:

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what ya using?

  • i think my mac does something automatically
  • cloud storage
  • physical drives
  • i actually wrote my own script that runs a… (theo option)
  • other

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ever lost data?

  • no, never
  • lost some stuff i didn’t care about shrug
  • there was this one thing i lost which really screwed me
  • multiple, yuge failures :sob:

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if your main system drive died right now

  • no prob, can restore
  • lose a bit, not a biggie
  • lose quite a bit, quite irksome
  • :skull:

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Other is MrS who has some kind of back up schedule. He may have done a script…
I’ll ask him in a bit

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get him to sign up!

nice try


body seems unclear

do you want my account number and sortcode too?

i have no money

no thank you


Keep data and stuff on Dropbox and use git for code.

We get unlimited cloud storage at work so when I changed work computer just before Christmas I uploaded the entire hard drive of my old computer :grinning: I will probably never look at this data again.

I voted “I lost some stuff I didn’t care about shrug” because it was backed up on two separate hard drives.

I’m the king of back ups. After a traumatic work incident when I lost a year’s worth of satellite weather data.

have had a couple of laptops break with lots of music on them that i’ve had to either re-rip from CD, try to redownload from somewhere or just accept is gone.

never lost anything actually important but the music thing is a pain in the arse.

usually i can copy most of it back from phone or mp3 player but twice it’s happened where my mp3 player had been broken or lost. v irksome.

Flatmate asked me to help her to choose an external hard drive to back up her business files. It was literally 140mb of word/excel stuff. She’d never even heard of Dropbox!?

I should do this if only to spare the embarrassment of someone finding my Omaha the Cat Dancer and Milo Manara comics.

fucking normies!


Favourite physical storage media?

  • 5.25" Floppy
  • 3.5" Floppy
  • CD
  • DAT
  • MiniDisc
  • Compact Flash
  • ZIP drive
  • DVD
  • CD-RW
  • SD Card
  • Flash Drive
  • Hard Drive
  • Blu Ray
  • Other, discuss

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Just did an audit and my priorities are fucked

Work related stuff to re-use in new jobs = backed up on two HDDs
Music, photos and other important sentimental stuff = backed up on two HDDs
Comic books and all superhero films = backed up on three HDDs

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once forgot to back up some of my music and lost a whole album which I never recreated. OOPS!

Seems like there’s no way to backup saves on the Switch. This makes me nervous.