David Attenborough (alive, alive-o)


How long’s he been working for Sky?

Mercenary tw*t.


Come on man, not cool. Can we have a big NOT DEAD in the title?


DEAD serious about those polar icecaps melting!!!


Eee: you had me goin there for a minute


Please explain this injoke to me…


On the old board it was common enough to just post the celebrity’s name as the title and then have ‘DEAD’ as the first post once you went into the thread.

I must admit, I did fear the worst there for a moment.


NOT ALIVE presenter, all of his parts are pre-recorded


I think he’s pulling your leg






We all know the rules people


(I’ll never do that again, I promise :slight_smile: )


Fucks sake, just reminded me about Dario Fo’s death :cry:




Seeing him live this weekend in Melbourne.

Hoping he plays all the hits.