David Attenborough (not dead)


Top lad, eh?




Real bottom feeder posting from you tbf.


I just want to talk anout the big lad’s new telly show.

(but whilst we’re at it you must admit that all this FUCK YOU 2016/Attenborough death paranoia’s weird as fuck?).


Not seen any of planet earth 2 yet, heard folk at work rave about it.

Not sure what you mean about the Attenborough death paranoia, is this a social network thing? He is old… and a national treasure… But doesn’t seem like people have done it with the queen or Barbara windsor… (or maybe they are?) Or anyone else… I know people were (quite rightly) concerned eith Joni mitchells health recently :confused:

Just a thing on DiS innit… to post Name, then… Dead. Thought the majority agreed it was a little unsavoury.


anyone watch life that glows? think it was on the bbc earlier this year but I have no recollection so here
good shit

Planet Earth 2

This looks great, bioluminescence was my favourite thing to study r.e bacteria


we’re all in here


it’s incredible.
the way that smaller creatures light up to attract the attention of larger predators which protect them, so cool