David Bowie coin dropped from a great height.

How did it descend safely? Any scientists care to explain? Surely it would hurtle towards earth and either burn up or kill someone? How did they recover it? I don’t understand and I need you to explain please.

David Boring more like

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Wonder if the coin is a fucking nonce too.


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where did the royal mint get a spaceship

imagine if Llantrisant became the new Cape Canaveral


Pound and Vision


as we say around here, Llantrisant, the hole with a mint in.


I worked there for a bit (the mint)
Don’t mind talbot green but all the new shops (not new any more) are awful

Once got stuck in Talbot Green Tescos car park for an hour and a half on Christmas eve. Haven’t been back since.

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The coin that couldn’t slow down


Decent album tbf

David Bowieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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It’ll be like the lego men that get sent into space, where they send it up in a weather balloon until the pressure is so low that the balloon pops, and then the object descends with a parachute.

I don’t think it goes high enough or fast enough to burn up on re-entry.

Did anyone else read the thread title to the tune of ‘Such Great Heights’ by The Postal Service?

Nooooo, neither did I :grin:


Ha! My mum used to work in Llantrisant but I’ve never heard this one before.

Gonna steal it and use it in my family group chat and pretend I made it up myself.

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Just realised that I have no easy way to casually bring Llantrisant up in conversation as we have no other link to the town. Gonna just pocket it for now, and bring it out another time.

just segue there from some family friendly david bowie nonce chat

No Bowie fans in the family, so would be even harder to slide that one in there.