David Cameron having a cheeky cig and a big bag of cans with the lads at Wilderness festival



Wut am I even looking at


Looks more like a waxwork than his actual waxwork.


who do you think is a worse human

  • Cameron
  • May

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Photoshopped Shirley?


Here’s the girl in the Corbyn cloak’s Insta, seems legit: https://www.instagram.com/p/BXb3-AdDXAO/?taken-by=laeedwards



It’s real


not sure if ill-advised PR stunt


Strictly Come Dancing is just around the corner…



His next venture is an original book idea: “Where’s Twat?”


Bottom left.

EDIT: really hope that isn’t you colfilth :grinning:


So do I!


That picture just gets weirder the more I look at it. Did they know he was in the background? Why is he the only person looking at the camera? Why did they frame it so badly? How did this end up in the Guardian?

Also Cameron:why?!


Fair play to the lad standing in the crowd like that. Not sure what he was thinking though

Edit: oh right Samcam is there and maybe some kids too


Surely there can be only one thing he can possibly have been thinking.

“I hope they don’t lynch me.”


He makes think of when some lofty chav would appear in the pit at our teenage punk gigs and just stand there… you knew he was ready to kick off the moment someone barged him


A lady work from work was on a flight with him and he was whisked onto the plane with a load of bodyguards so that he would have to spend as little time as possible among the great un-hosed, so it’s just weird that he turns up here. Unless him getting a flight is riskier somehow.


I think you’re underestimating how massively Tory Wilderness festival is.