David Cameron to quit as an MP


Will history remember him as the worst, most spineless, cowardly pig-fucking knobhead to have ever held the post of PM?


Probably not.


How come?


Just don’t think it will.


Second to John Major


surely proof if any were needed that he was essentially a career politician?


Alright, thanks RR, good chat


Hope to see him in the new users thread


Sorry for ruining your incisive OP.


Nah, ain’t a ting man.


it’s weird, I can’t imagine him having any hobbies or interests other than making money

what does someone like that do when they retire?




oh god i’m gonna have to campaign in the ensuing by-election. good chance to go annoy tory voters i guess.


of all the prime ministers, he certainly put his penis inside the highest number of dead pig’s decapitated heads.





Attend Rugby Union matches/the boat-race/Henley Regatta etc etc




Listening to the Smiths. Supporting a football team.


leaving children in pubs?


He’ll make plenty of money sitting on various company boards, giving speeches, advisory posts, etc etc