David Hockney x The Sun


how is this a real thing


i think he is absolutely brilliant - but what the fuck is he doing??!!!





I saw him in waitrose once, if only I’d known he was going to do this, I could’ve stopped him!




Looks shit, I think he’s done 'em there.





yeah thats true, prob cost them a fuck load and all hes done is scribble on the existing logo a bit on his ipad. top lad, now he can carry on doing those brilliant drawings of the same bit of a wood for ages and ages and ages (this may sound insincere but if you’re reading david i love that you keep on drawing the same bit of a wood, its a good idea)


Yeah he’s taking the piss isn’t he, deffo just did that on Paint


the sun still get publicity off the back of it though, which is presumably what they paid for. doesn’t matter a fuck what it looks like.

fuck the sun


yeah thats what i was getting at with my first reply


This is Alan Bennett appearing in Family Guy all over again.

I reckon they just asked him if he wanted to be on the front page of the biggest selling newspaper in the country and he said yes.


David Hockney? More like David Cockney!!

Actually, that doesn’t work.


thats his thing now, genuinely


raises hand Yep, rumbled


Context: http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/hockney-a-bigger-splash-t03254


If all designing is is scribbling on an existing logo I’m in the wrong job.


Let’s remember what a disquieting man he can be though

I mean this is the sort of thing you see UKIPers banging on about.


The Sun to repay the favour by campaigning to end the smoking ban in public places