David Lynch fans


So, I have a mate at work who is leaving next week, awfully fond of the big man, we’ve had some good chat over the years. Wanted to get him a wee leaving present and he’s a big David Lynch fan, particularly fond of the ol’ Twin Peaks and Fire Walk With Me.

So I’m thinking of getting him one of these. Has anyone read either? If you were to receive one as a gift, which would you rather have?

I’m seriously torn, want to read them both myself!


I don’t know the Reflections one but I’ve read Lynch on Lynch, it’s a cracker. But yeah the other one seems great too, tbh if he’s specifically a Twin Peaks fan then I’d probably go for that one.


Love a bit of Twin Peaks. Not read either of those. If I had to choose I’d probably go Lynch on Lynch.

This is pretty cool for the Twin Peaks fan…