David Walliams recorded making derogatory remarks about BGT contestants

I’m very curious too if anyone can fwd on

I’m interested in knowing please. Many thanks

I’m interested in hearing it again if it’s not too much hassle?


Hey! I missed out, someone please dm me

Think it’s @shrewbie’s turn

Can someone tell me if they’ve been told. Got spreadsheet going for the solicitors

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  • I know
  • I would like to know

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And me

@dktrfaustus doesn’t know shit

Well somebody isn’t getting their helping of gossip. :relieved:


Out of interest, who does everyone think they’re going to get grim gossip about?

  • David Walliams
  • Russell Brand
  • Stephen K Amos

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Repent ye gossiping sinners

Hi guys

I don’t want to know



So I’ve already been DM’d about this, and rather than everyone having to wait for their own DM, I’m happy to stick my neck out here and post the details myself. Mods, feel free to remove if you feel this is inappropriate.

Russell Brand thinks Pinkerton is better than the Blue Album


Was literally just about to write a very similar post to this but you’ve articulated it much better than I was going to!


My post was supposed to be a bit of a dig at people treating this as juicy goss, but I do see your point - shouldn’t be joking about this at all really. Apologies all.

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Yeah sounds like it must be horrendous stuff and it’s not like I need to know anything more to have Brand and Williams firmly in the shit bin.

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Well put. I’ve shared the information I have with probably now enough people tbh, otherwise I might as well just be posting it publicly.

The content isn’t really all that surprising and very depressing. I’m sure you can all work out what the crux of it is. The only reason I’m “in the know” is because of my profession and basically that’s all the insight I have.


The SKA stuff is incredibly easy to find iirc, it’s a pretty open secret


I’ll be honest that I don’t recall who is even. The name rings a vague bell.